Five Years Later, Some Countries Still Lag
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Source: NYT

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3 Responses to “Global Economic Recovery, Post Great Recession”

  1. Marc P says:

    What is fascinating is that the NYT believes the only two indicators of the health of an economy are GDP and the stock market. Aside from that, the statistics themselves are no longer representative. In the U.S., federal, state & local government spending have increased by $1.2 trillion from 2007 to 2011. GDP has increased $1.0 trillion over the same period. Does the increase mean the economy is healthier? Or that the U.S. government authorities are just more willing to spend money than other countries? As for the stock markets, the Fed has driven down bond rates to next to nothing, which pushes money into equities. Does this mean the economy is healthier? The NYT should know better, and probably does, but its reporting has become poor over the last decade. TBP does know better.


    BR: That’s not remotely what this chart shows, and your reduction ad absurdum argument is as silly as it is useless.

  2. pintelho says:

    Spain looks like a buy to me.

  3. znmeb says:

    That is one scary chart. How did Argentina do? Mexico? Russia?