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Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor implied. If you could repeat previously discredited memes or steer the conversation into irrelevant, off topic discussions, it would be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous.

17 Responses to “Hot! Hot! Hot!”

  1. whskyjack says:

    The warm winter did it for here, the summer was hot but not up to the drought years of the 50′s or 30′s. But if we have seen the return of long term drought for the great plains then there is always hope for this summer.


  2. kaleberg says:

    That’s why we moved to Washington State. Even better, a lot of the climate models have it getting colder and danker out here. We might not be able to grow tomatoes without a greenhouse, but the mushrooms love it.

  3. VennData says:

    If a copy writer for the NRA moved over to the climate change denier group, he might write:

    1) If everybody has heat, more heat wouldn’t be a problem.
    2) Cars and factories don’t cause carbon emissions, people do
    3) If you take away one polluter’s carbon footprint, you’ll take away everyone’s.
    4) Carbon makes me happy, Do not take away rights given to me in the Declaration of Independence.
    5) Bengazi! Solyndra! Fast and Furious!!!

    The good news is most of the Red States are in the South,

  4. VennData says:

    “…To be sure, we all retain the option of not reading the comments. Which, in light of the latest research, is looking smarter than ever…”

  5. dougc says:

    Cherry picking data to support a political view, 2012 data for Alaska’s average temperature was the 11th lowest in recorded history, Does this mean global cooling is a problem ?
    The average global temperature was the 8th highest on record, global cooling or warming?
    If you believe there is a human contribution to global warming, the solution is to lower population. The world population has doubled since 1950 and will increase another 50% by 2050


    BR: FAIL:

    The lower 48 is hardly cherry picking data — but here, see this: Heat, Flood or Icy Cold, Extreme Weather Rages Worldwide

  6. godot10 says:

    The United States is not the earth. A little American exceptionalism at work here. The British Met Office itself has just released an updating reported saying that global warming has paused, and the world is warming much less quickly than predicted by models just a few years ago.


    BR: Hardly, but see this for global issues:

  7. NoKidding says:

    Time will reveal the truth.

    I believe there has been significant selective downward adjustment of history; a shift of measurement stations from low wet places to high dry ones; an increase in blacktop and climate controlled structures around the measurement stations; unaccounted-for natural variation; and infectious group think.

    Per godot10′s link, there are scientists coming around to the idea that recent data was outside the 90 percent confidence interval of the AR4 projections, and needs reevaluation. Of course they merely took the same ramp and right-shifted it – anyone who attended an employee meeting at a tech company in 2002 knows exactly how that game works.

    I know I will not change any minds, they are made up; but by 2030 we will have a better idea who was paying attention to the details.

  8. Ahill90 says:

    Being selective with the data are we? I think someone needs to check their facts, as many countries and regions are reporting cooler than average years.


    BR: This is a blog written in the US, with a 68% US readership (like you in Austin, Texas). As I have been saying for a decade, the issue is increased global weather volatility.

    Regardless, since trolls like you love to make claims but omit the backing data, I am happy to fill in what you omitted outside of the USA:

    Scorchingly Hot 2012 Riddled With Extreme Weather

    Lots of photos: Extreme weather strikes worldwide, bringing floods, fire and ice

    Heat, flood or icy cold, extreme weather rages worldwide

    Australia: Extreme NSW weather causes fire danger

    China’s Extreme Cold Snaps Records

    Isreal: How a Rare Snowfall Hit Jerusalem, Middle East

    World Meteorological Organization Global Weather & Climate Extremes

  9. As a reminder, I don’t give a flying fig what the science deniers have to say, and I am happy to delete or strike out your disingenuous and/or misleading comments.

    If you have a problem with that, GYOFB.

    And if you want to know the rules that govern the comments policy, they are detailed here.

  10. krice2001 says:

    Barry – You know about the the frog in the warming water. You can ignore it for a while, but you’ll still get cooked. I don’t choose to ignore the consensus of climate scientists. Though really believing what their models indicate is not to comfortable. I fear “you quants” may be right, again.

    In Boston, it’s clear that there has been changes and that it’s coming on rapidly. Yes, I’m aware that this is anecdotal. But after month after month (now going for about 18 months) of hearing the local meterologists say how many degrees above “normal” the past month has been and then watching the sharply declining snow falls… well it gets a little disconcerting. Now don’t get me wrong, having winter temps in the 40s and 50s is kind of nice and not having major snow storms is nice, too. But it makes one consider what the end game is.

  11. godot10 says:

    The Guardian (home of George Monbiot) and the British Met Office are not science denying organizations.

    The latest temperature data just suggest warming is occurring at a much slower rate than recent modelling projections.

  12. DeDude says:

    It is interesting how much global warming denial has infected the public, even as the science and evidence is becoming more and more solid. These people will swallow raw anything Bill O’really pulls out of his dumb ass, yet they are absolutely sure that the consensus among people who have spend a lifetime studying this phenomenon is dead wrong. The simple observations that ice sheets all over the world have been receding; as they can see with their own lying eyes (when comparing old photo’s with today’s reality), does not affect their denial – even thought few of them will deny that higher temperatures melt ice. It is clear that they are neither driven nor affected by simple facts. But why are they more afraid of the consequences of fighting global warming than they are of the consequences of NOT fighting it. Is it the fear of government becoming bigger if we admit that there is this big problem that only government can be tasked with fighting?

  13. DeDude says:


    At least you gave the link, now how about reading it. I don’t think the British Met Office said that “global warming has paused”. They said that “the average temperature is likely to be 0.43 C above the long-term average by 2017 – as opposed to an earlier forecast that suggested a warming of 0.54C”. Given the confidence intervals associated with data from both of these models overlap both numbers, there is actually no reason what so ever to think that the real trajectory of global warming has changed at all.

  14. flakester says:

    When does climate change start giving us cold, cold, cold? Never?

  15. John Adamson says:

    The Munich RE and Swiss RE websites provide a great case for climate change/global warming. They’ve studied it because they have to pay out weather related claims caused by it. They have no axe to grind. They just need a good model to underwrite risk.

    Their presentations changed my mind. I’m now very open to the discussion.

  16. farmera1 says:

    Flakester, it depends on where you are. I spent time working (mostly with scientific types not climatologists) in Denmark . This is a country warmed by ocean currents and if you look it is very far north for such a mild climate. The Danish are very concerned about loosing their warm ocean currents due to global climate change. Their thought is that they could end up with a much colder climate.

  17. JimRino says:

    The time to Panic was last year when Methane started gushing out of the Arctic.
    Now must be a time of Action.

    We must shut down the largest-dirtiest carbon sources we can find ASAP.