My afternoon train reads:

Dividends Galore: Expect Another Record Year in 2013 (MarketBeat)
• Art Cashin 2013 Predictions, Warnings & Outlook (King World News)
Is John Hussman flipping Bullish? (No) The Good Without The Awful (Hussman Funds)
• Cheap Money Era That Saved U.S. Housing Seen Bottoming (Bloomberg) see also Housing a Sweet Spot for U.S. Economy as Recovery Expands (Bloomberg)
• We Created 1.8 Million Jobs in 2012: Where Did They Come From? (The Atlantic)
• Corruption of FINRA: Big-Bank (SRO) Regulator Targets Little Guy (Bloomberg)
• Still Riffing Over Coffee Cups, Seinfeld Renews a Web Series (NYT)
• Alta Devices Unveils Highest-Efficiency Wearable Solar Charger For The Military (Talking Points Memo)
• The Fifth Horseman: Samsung (Tech Crunch) see also Apple Can’t Afford Buyer’s Remorse With Next Retail Hire (All Things D)
• Vampire Weekend hits L.A. for upcoming album (Los Angeles Times)

What are you reading?


Charting China’s 2013 Economic Outlook

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10 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Headline: U.S. Health Spending Shows Signs It Will Accelerate

    Fact in the article: “…U.S. health-care spending grew at a record low pace for a third consecutive year in 2011, according to federal figures released Monday…”

    The WSJ is hilarious. Go Right Wing Media Machine, you’re so on message.

  2. AHodge says:

    what a beautiful smile on your Bloomberg guesthost promo pic
    thot you had it inya:)

  3. Jojo says:

    Anyone recall the old short story ‘Harrison Bergeron’ (by Kurt Vonnegut) where everyone must be equal which is achieved by bringing the world down to the lowest common denominator? Whew.
    Vroom for Safety: Hybrid Cars Must Make Noise, Feds Say
    TechNewsDaily Staff Writer
    January 07 2013

    Hybrid and electric vehicles someday will zoom down the road with a simulated vroom. The reason: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed a minimum noise standard that hybrid cars must make so pedestrians can hear the nearly silent cars coming. The agency’s draft proposal was opened for public comment today (Jan. 7).

    “Safety is our highest priority, and this proposal will help keep everyone using our nation’s streets and roadways safe, whether they are motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians, and especially the blind and visually impaired,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement.

  4. VennData says:

    Tea Party Express head predicts Sen. Chambliss will be ‘primaried’

    Bring on the Aikens, Walshs and Mourdocks. The Palin’, Bachmanns, Angles, O’Donnells and Wests.

    Bring ‘em on Tea party!

  5. VennData says:

    Sen. Cornyn threatens to block Brennan’s nomination as CIA chief

    “…John Brennan has not been absolved of responsibility for the slew of high-level security leaks that have characterized this White House,” Cornyn said in a statement issued Monday, shortly after Obama announced Brennan’s nomination….”

    Slew. That’s a purty big number, ain’t it.

    Go you Texans! Thanks for keeping us safe from radicals who want to give away all our secrets to the Soviets

  6. theexpertisin says:

    The biggest problem is not Hagel at DOD or Brennan at CIA.

    It is finding enough folks willing to put their lives on the line to defend our country. The DOD is especially desperate to enlist educable and fit recruits.

  7. RW says:

    The Reason We Lose at Games: Implications for Financial Markets

    Game theory tends to assume some form of equilibrium, a better or even best solution being possible at least in principle, but equilibrium may not in fact be possible in all games or even likely.

    A thought that occurred to me in reading the overview on this is that it is probably a mistake to think of cognitive bias as simply an internal flaw, something to compensate for, when it may in fact be a resort to heuristics because the game is too complicated; i.e, some forms of bias could be distinctly more useful than others.

  8. wrongtrade says:

    I don’t care about total dividend amounts for the s&P, and I don’t care about how Treasury yields are EVEN CRAPPIER than a barely 2% S&P dividend. All I care about is companies sharing more of their record profits with me, as a percentage of the share price. And it’s paltry right now.

    VennData you wear me slick but I can tell you’re smart even if you are wrong :-)
    And anyone who links here to the Chicago Symohony can’t be all bad. I remember the Solti days: GLORIOUS! Amazing brass. Really miss Herseth, but Clevenger is a beast- the absolute best.