“A Splendor Seldom Seen”

Source: Boing Boing

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2 Responses to “Saturn As Seen From CICLOPS”

  1. A7LB says:

    This is Saturn as seen from Cassini, not CICLOPS.
    CICLOPS is the US-based
    Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations.

  2. KJMClark says:

    You know what’s really cool? This summer I got out our ancient (got it 20-odd years ago) reflecting telescope, bought a few used lenses on eBay, and took a look with it. One of the things we looked at was Saturn. You could actually see the rings. We showed a bunch of the neighbors and they were kind of blown away too.

    We tend to think that you need a Palomar or Hubble-class telescope to see some of the sights up there, but it doesn’t take that much. You won’t see it like the picture above, but it helped our kids and the neighbor’s kids to see that you really can see a lot of the solar system. It’s one thing to look at a really pretty picture and know Saturn’s out there, and another to put your own eye up to a telescope you can touch, and see it for yourself.