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One Response to “Sovereign Debt Restructurings 1950–2010: Literature Survey, Data, and Stylized Facts”

  1. Terry says:

    Sent your list to my younger son (early 30s) Matt who has a different take:

    Seeing R.E.M #2 discredited the entire list. Pull them off and give Michael Stipe a Kleenex to cry into.

    I’m not much of a fan, but Metallica should be moved up to the top 5 for leading the heavy metal music scene. For the last 20 years where feel good pop rock dominated the airwaves, Metallica still brought aggressive rifts and tons if energy to make you want to run through walls.

    Aerosmith should be significantly higher as well. Definitely a top 10, maybe even a top 5.

    I would probably pull Steely Dan and Boston off the top 20 based solely on not liking their music. I feel the Doobies and The Eagles have always been overrated as well, but its probably just a generational thing. I would probably keep the Eagles on the list, but move them down towards 20 and pull the Doobies off.

    Alright, so I took 4 off and need 4 to replace them:

    I would put Rage Against the Machine on the top 20 list due to their massive influence to rock, hard core, punk, and rap music. There is probably no other band in history that has influenced so many different types of music (maybe Parliament).

    Skynyrd should also be on the list somewhere. When I think of southern rock, I think of CCR, Skynyrd, The Allman Bros, and The Black Crowes.

    And to round out my additions, I would put the 2 most popular bands of the last 20 years on the list, The Dave Matthews Band and Phish. I doubt there is any other band that tours as much as either if these with continuous sell out crowds of the largest venues around the world in the last 20 years. They never reached any kind of critical acceptance by the industry, but their following is substantial similar to the Dead following back in the day.

    There it is. I’m right; this article is wrong. So there!


    Being thirty years older than my son, I tend to favor the older groups, such as the Eagles….