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17 Responses to “Tea Party Membership Cards”

  1. DeDude says:

    - A huge military industrial complex funded with money taken from the poor
    - Wet dreams about how your AK47 will win a fight over said complex when it become the tool of tyrans
    - Another wet dream about how your AK47 will shot down UN gobinment drones

  2. given..

    the “…Promoting the ethical use of the Rorschach Inkblot Test…”-*Standard..


    this post may fail.. :)


    or, differently, Sourced from TPM? no Surprise, that.


    BR, what did those nice Pixels, ever, do to you ?

  3. TLH says:

    Both sides just whip up controversy to keep the money coming. To solve the problem would stop the money flow. Neither party is interested in really solving the problem. As a result the people are losing faith in government.

  4. ilsm says:


    Defender of liberty to destroy the idea about “all men created equal”.

  5. Seaton says:

    Nice to see the Republican Party picking a fight worthy of the playground of 9-year-olds.

    Nice to see the Democrats fighting-back, at the same level.

    I haven’t had a good morning laugh that makes me have a coughing fit in years…

    Thanks, BR. Great sense of humor.

  6. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    Associate with people who believe as you do: You can have your cake, and eat it, too.

    Receive full credit for having built everything you survey — roads, bridges and tunnels, school systems, the power grid, airports, the internets tubes, satellites, libraries . . . EVERYTHING. YOU built it.

  7. wcvarones says:

    The Tea Party is the only group advocating fiscal responsibility.



    BR: Please explain how pushing for unfunded tax cuts and maintaining an enormous military is advocating fiscal responsibility. FAIL

  8. 873450 says:

    It may have been real for five minutes

  9. courageandmoney says:

    BR, Long time reader and enjoyed many of your posts and interviews. You have much I admire, and so much that you are a daily read for me. …..If I could give you a little feedback.



    BR: Let me clarify a few things for you:

    1) I thought I made it clear that I am not interested in most people’s feedback. You have to earn the right for me to give a crap about your opinion, because so many of your fellows are uncouth loons, its simply the cost of writing in public
    2) I don’t bash “true” conservatives, I bash the current pseudo hyper-partisan phony conservatives.
    3) Last, the hijacked Tea Party (like the clueless Occupy movement) has nothing to do with real politics, everything to do with theater and Rick Santelli silliness.

    I have made it easy for anyone to never see anything else just read the ones in category investing or trading.

    Next iteration of the blog will be headlines only — you have to click to read this, so the onus will be on you.

    Given the choice between you not reading these and me not writing them, the answer is for you to skip to the next market based post.

  10. NMR says:

    Very funny, but like Palins available at a discount at the moment.

  11. Joe_in_Indiana says:

    Nothing like an idea of fiscal conservatism being hijacked and labeled by ?? (only The Shadow knows)

  12. thenoz says:

    Wow, these grapes are sour!

  13. Fred C Dobbs says:

    As I understand the facts, the Democrats made up this card, and, in doing so, defined the Tea Party members as subscribing to the principles or standards the Democrats put on the card. I would like to know if the Tea Party members actually subscribe to the principles Democrats say they do. Otherwise, it is an argument by definition, a type of fallacy, or invalid argument. I wish more facts were presented before commenting. Until then, commenting is premature. Thanks, however, for bringing to my attention what one or more Democrats accuse the Tea Party as having the stated principles.

  14. jd351 says:

    Pretty damn funny I must say.

    Mr. Dobbs, still waiting for your facts about the Tea Party vs. the above mention. Should be interesting!!!!

  15. JB7456 says:

    It’s our fault. 6 year term limits for congress. Presidents don’t matter so just leave that alone. If we can’t agree to make that change then we get what is coming to us. The longer they stay the farther away they get from the represented.

  16. The Tea Party movement resulted in 62 new GOP seats in 2010 and the first real attempt to turn the corner on fiscal irresponsibility via the 2011 Debt Limit debate. One has to look past the noise-du-jour to see the potential for sea change in DC. GOP governors are doing this across the USA. The federal venue is the next chapter…

  17. victor says:

    I happen to agree with Bush 43 who was quoted about TP: “”these movements come and go”. My guess is they will follow a trajectory similar to other political/social movements: from a legitimate cause to a business and finally degenerating into a racket.

    Pretending that this is a serious attempt to characterize a movement with which the author clearly disagrees:

    1) women’s rights: abortion is the law of the land and anybody (ex Sandra Fluke?) can get women’s contraceptives for $9.95/30 day supply at Wal-Mart. According to Gallup Poll 50% of US are against abortion and according to Barron’s 65% of US wealth is controlled by women and according to Wiki 40% of TP are women who tend to be wealthier than the general population. Doesn’t compute.
    2) National crises have been created and ignored by many political movements long before the TP was invented in 2009
    3) Access to millions$: ditto
    4) Ending the Medicare guarantee: sorry, it’s well on its way to end itself, needs no help from the TP; just like the Republicans destroying themselves no need of any nudge from the WH.
    5) 50% of all all health care costs are indeed paid by the Government: Medicare, Medicaid and VA. So what’s the point?
    6) Tax breaks for Big Oil? they’ve been around for far longer than the TP; red herring anyway, never brought up at the obligatory show trials put up by Sen. Schumer every time the price of gas gets around $4/gal, he knows better..

    BR: First you’re right on characterizing the TP as “hijacked”. But then you ask “Please explain how pushing for unfunded tax cuts and maintaining an enormous military is advocating fiscal responsibility”. Hasn’t the Congress and the WH just passed a huge UNFUNDED tax cut when Bush’s middle class tax cuts were made permanent? And there have been many “pushers” for an enormous military well before the TP was invented. Enormous or not, the military, whom we hire to protect us, is also an enormous training facility and welfare agency. Finally, for symmetry sake do you also bash the current pseudo hyper-partisan phony liberals? The TP has been pushing (naively so) for a balanced federal budget in an effort to stop the bleeding, trying to emulate the States here and the dumb Germans and the greedy Swiss.