My afternoon train reads:

As the AAPL Turns: Street Ponders Units, Margins and Leadership (Tech Trader Daily) see also Apple’s iPhone has outsold Galaxy Smartphones by Nearly 100 Million Units  (BGR)
• Dividend Stocks Are Better In Both Bull And Bear Markets (Business Insider)
• A Low Bar for Earnings (Barron’s)
• Simon Johnson: The Legacy of Timothy Geithner (Economix)
• Bank capital requirements: Are they costly? (Vox) see also Leeway on Repo Rules Is Cut Back (WSJ)
• How Game Theory Explains Washington’s Horrible Gridlock (The Atlantic)
• 15 Scientology Revelations From Lawrence Wright’s ‘Going Clear’ (The Daily Beast)
• In Gun Control Debate, Several Options Draw Majority Support (Pew Research Center)
• Golden Globe win worth millions more than Oscar victory (MediaFile) see also TV’s $200 Million Charlie Sheen Experiment (The Hollywood Reporter)
• Hacking the Hyperlinked Heart (WSJ)

What are you reading?


China Begins to Lose Edge as World’s Factory Floor

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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7 Responses to “Thursday PM Reads”

  1. rd says:

    One thing never seems to get mentioned in the upcoming fiscal crisis regarding negotiations. Presidents usually try to time the harsh economic medicine for the first year, second year at the latest in their terms. If it occurs in their third or fourth year, they generally don’t get re-elected or their party loses the White House if the President is in his second term.

    However, Presidents are still politicians who don’t want their fingerprints on unpleasantness any more than necessary. Obama didn’t have to do anything to precipitate a recession in early 2009 since he was already in a full-blown one when he walked in the door, which is one of the reasons why McCain lost.

    This time around, the economy has been in several years of a recovery, albeit a very sluggish one. I suspect the Administration wouldn’t mind the Republican House creating a minor recession at this time to allow for necessary adjustments to occur so that there is more likely to have been several years of a decent recovery come 2016. They certainly don’t want a long in the tooth recovery to cave in 2015. It appears that the Republicans are more than willing to oblige, leaving their greasy fingerprints all over a recession.

  2. Joe Friday says:

    Apple’s iPhone has outsold Galaxy Smartphones by Nearly 100 Million Units

    That’s like attempting to compare Ford to Chevy instead of GM, ignoring Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and Opel. The proper contrast is between Apple OS smartphones and Android OS smartphones.

  3. Francisco Bandres de Abarca says:

    This, from an article* on posted this morning:

    “An analysis by the Center for Financial Stability shows why low yields are pushing investors to seek out riskier assets such as stocks: The price they are paying for income from bonds versus stocks is close to the highest level since 1920, according to the New York-based research organization that has Nobel Laureate Myron Scholes on its advisory board.

    At current prices, investors in Treasury 10-year notes yielding 1.82 percent are paying 54 times the value of the income to own the notes. By contrast, investors in the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index are paying just 14.8 times earnings, strengthening the incentive to own stocks rather than bonds.”


  4. NickAthens says:

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  5. mw says:

    Here Is a dissenting view From Author Robert Felix…..