Just a quick note: I am off to some meetings and a few conferences in Canada. Partly because its business, but also because I am curious what 20 below feels like (hopefully for no longer than 3 minutes at a time).

Despite the House GOP Debt Ceiling deal, futures are flat. This is either because a) But for my travel, they otherwise would have been plus 25 on the SPX; or b) Like the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling is much ado about nothing — or at least very little.

Back in a bit . . .

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5 Responses to “Travelin’ Man”

  1. ilsm says:

    Like an old communist joke:

    Debt ceiling: they pretend to care about it, we pretend to worry about it.

    Aperatchnik tool to keep the “free” press riled up so the people don’t see it is not their government and be herded out of the New Deal.

  2. number2son says:

    Sell! ;)

  3. rd says:

    Just keep telling yourself it is a dry cold…..

    And don’t try it if somebody suggests that you lick something metal at 20 below.

  4. Jojo says:

    -20°F is cold! But not as cold as the -40°F (-50°F w/wind chill) that I endured once years ago skiing in Vermont when I lived on the east coast. Only made it two runs and couldn’t stay outside any longer (and we had dressed extra, extra warm). Brrrrrrrrrr.

  5. adamsm says:

    -26°C (Yes we Celsius and other sensible metric units) in Ottawa. It makes you appreciate summer weather.