Longer form video from U.S. Navy, RADM David Titley

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6 Responses to “US Navy Chief Oceanographer: I Was Formerly a Climate Skeptic”

  1. Frilton Miedman says:

    The whole debate has progressed from complete denial, to debating whether it’s man-made, which is now being debunked, including a recent Koch bros funded report.

    It’s a matter of time before the debate finally progresses to frantic arguments over whether or not we can stop it,.

    What worries me is the cause of the Permian-Triassic extinction –

    A heavy layer of C-12 in that layer of Earth reveals there was a mass ejection of methane into the atmosphere, caused by a global rise in temperature of just a few degree’s which dramatically increased the rate of upward change in global temperatures and caused the fastest, largest mass extinction event in Earth’s history.

    Right now, arctic ice & glaciers across the planet are melting more and more rapidly, it’s a matter of time before the Ocean’s Methane-Hydrate begins to melt once again as they did in the Permian-Triassic.

  2. cleargulf says:

    Well, maybe Hansen is not so sure.:) The first time Hansen has admitted that global warming flat-lined several years ago.

    J. Hansen, M. Sato, R. Ruedy

    “Global Warming Standstill. The 5-year running mean of global temperature has been flat for
    the past decade. It should be noted that the “standstill” temperature is at a much higher level than existed at any year in the prior decade except for the single year 1998, which had the strongest El Nino of the century. However, the standstill has led to a widespread assertion that “global warming has stopped”.
    Examination of this matter requires consideration of the principal climate forcing mechanisms that can
    drive climate change and the effects of stochastic (unforced) climate variability.”


  3. Frilton Miedman says:

    Note – Methane (Nat gas) is 400 times more effective than CO as a global warming agent.

  4. 873450 says:

    @Frilton Miedman Says:
    “What worries me is the cause of the Permian-Triassic extinction”

    The World Wide Web’s Most Comprehensive Source
    of Information on the Current Mass Extinction


    300 links to recent authoritative reports and updates …. Life on Earth Disappearing– Unprecedented Extinction Rate — 2007 Red List (U.K. Telegraph– 2007) … One-Fifth of Lizard Species Facing Extinction (National Geographic– 2010) …

    Deploying the tobacco industry’s horrifically successful “evidence isn’t conclusive and more study is required” strategy, oil company owned lobbyists, lawyers, hack scientists, Fox News Corp, etc. should be able to keep the phony global warming debate dragging on for another 50 years.

  5. victor says:

    US is now back to 1992 CO2 emissions mainly thanks to power co’s switching from coal to natgas (fracking). My state of CA (12% of US population) leads in GW initiatives, but to be fair it also leads in taxes (income, sale, vehicle, gasoline/diesel), unemployment, college tuition, size of budget deficit and other negative economic metrics. The Obama Admin. has a great record on GW initiatives as well. China is now the #1 CO2 emitter in absolute quantities and Australia holds the first place on CO2 emissions/capita. So what exactly MORE can the US do now?

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