My morning reads:

• Awash in liquidity, the global economy remains sluggish (Washington Post) see also Euro zone economy falls deeper than expected into recession (Reuters)
• Surprise! S&P 500 Earnings Don’t Suck (The Fiscal Times)
• Average hedge fund fee significantly lower than reported (All About Alpha)
• Hearsay Economics (The Conscience of a Liberal)
• Gold Bears Braced for U.S. to China Growth Recovery (Bloomberg)
• BECAUSE THEY DID SO WELL WITH THIS LAST TIME: Proposal Gives Banks More Freedom to Value Assets (NYT)
On the minimum wage: Don’t Cheap Out, Big Biz! (The Daily Beast)
• Geithner doctrine lives on in Libor affair ( see also Libor accords leave banks facing ‘massive’ state claims (Business Standard)
To swap loss stories? Lehman Seeks to Question Ex-JPMorgan ‘London Whale’ (Bloomberg)
• Dinosaur extinction battle flares (SFGate)

What are you reading?


Stock-Trading Glitches Decline: Are we actually curbing market disruptions, or have we just been lucky??

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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  1. hue says:

    he still got game, No.2 Pick: I lost to MJ 1-on-1