Here are my LIRR weather delayed morning reads:

• Major Correction or Bear Trap? (Advisor Perspectives) see also New highs: Another indicator of a top? (MarketWatch)
• Norway Faces Liquidity Shock in Record Redemption (Bloomberg)
• Wall Street’s Cash Bonus Pool Hits $20 Billion (WSJ) but see JPM to cut up to 17,000 jobs by end of 2014 (Yahoo)
• Online Broker Review 2013 (
• Bernanke Resuscitates QE, Downplays Risk and Cost (Bloomberg) see also Bernanke Defends Asset Buying as Benefits Outweigh Risks (Bloomberg)
• Chinese Junk Patents Flood Into Australia, Allowing Chinese Companies To Strategically Block Innovation (techdirt)
• Is Twitter Really Worth $10 Billion? (WSJ)
• This is how Apple rolls (Macworld) see also When All You Have Is an ‘Apple Is Doomed Without Steve Jobs’ Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail (Daring Fireball)
Sheila Bair: Grand Old Parity (NYT)
• How to Be a Better Driver (Scientific American)

What are you reading?


Why the Corporate Pension Gap Is Soaring

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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16 Responses to “10 MidWeek AM Reads”

  1. hue says:

    the future of lying: will society survive if computers can tell fact from fib?

    dealing coke to heavy users: how the food industry manipulates taste buds with salt sugar & fat

  2. AHodge says:

    Beppe Grillo. His “victory” speech a hallucinatory ramble from under his bedcovers.
    He may be a for real Italian Howard Beale, actually crazy.
    He and the five star party massively accelerated in polls last two weeks. Winning about quarter of the vote, like the other two big parties

    I was ok with Bebbe’s comedian profession,
    the calls for 20 hr workweek, a thousand euros for everyone.
    But this is special.
    He is either literally crazy or plays it masterfully.
    No one wants to be in coalition with him.
    No one wants a new election as Beppe likely does even better, maybe a plurality.
    You can’t say the media is bashing or cherry picking Beppe, this is up on his own website!

    Running close second for theater, and in the polls, is Berlusconi.
    A buffoon in so many ways
    but it’s the sexist pig part that inflames the Femen, apparently a collection of hot, buffed, possibly steroid enhanced Ukranian feminists who have been publically after Silvio for more than a year
    So they get my Oscar for the resisting arrest category, maybe the best ever on film. There are 4 minute versions of this on u-tube not copyable

    This big surprise works for my short Europe positions incl EWI.
    But all Europe sold off big,
    At least partly— the people are increasingly seen as
    Mad as Hell and not Going to Take it anymore
    People want answers, a man with a plan, even if “crazy”
    So Italy is heads and shoulders winner in the unintended humor—politics category
    The US only running distant second

  3. VennData says:

    Business spending plans gauge hits one-year high

    They MUST be doing this because of the strong, decisive GOP leadership from Boehner and McConnell!

  4. PeterR says:

    Not sure iF one can short this project yet, but bring on the icebergs of all ilks IMO.

  5. idaman says:

    Barry, I was wondering if you would post some thoughts on the idea that since 2008 the best times to buy stocks was during maximum fear about government actions (or in-actions). Debt ceilings, fiscal cliffs, etc. Now we have ‘sequestration.’

    I think this is particularly timely considering the market is either taking a break before breaking that multi-year high, or correcting.

    It’s always scary to add when the market is near a new high, but I suspect most people are like me, with 35% cash, I feel I’m under allocated. (On the other hand, only 45 days ago I was 40% cash.)

  6. Ramstone says:

    Put it this way: Twitter is worth $10B more than Facebook is worth $50B

  7. PeterR says:

    Interesting slide show about AAPL — just the basics.

    R&D @ slide 5/12, nearly double for 2012 over 201o at $US 3.4 billion.

    Anyone use Waze maps? Seems pretty cool:

    They use feedback from users’ phones to update the database in real time. Post-Sandy part of article is interesting.

  8. VennData says:

    Justices Question Aspects of Voting Rights Act

    “…Conservative Supreme Court justices criticized Voting Rights Act provisions that extend federal supervision over election practices in Alabama and other states that historically discriminated against minorities, suggesting trouble for a pillar of civil-rights law…”

    Voting has consequences. Look at the nuts Bush and his son you voted for put on our Supreme Court.

  9. ilsm says:

    In Oz.

    “Air Force Lieutenant General Bogdan F-35 program manager lashes out at Lockheed and Pratt and Whitney”:–finance.html

    The F-35 program manager is bravely inferring the two beneficiaries of F-35’s $396B in R&D ($55B in R&D, 4B from allies) and procurement contracts paid by the US government to put some of their own money into fixing their failures to meet specifications, on time, within contracted costs.

    The F-35 is too big to fail, as Lockheed and P&W (United Technologies) will have $1,100B over 30 years as “support integrators” to buy a lot of congress. Per GAO:

  10. idaman says:


    I agree,

    There is global arms race, centered in Asia. In the last 65 years The US of A has not lost a global arms race. Sequestration is just short term noise. I like GD and LMT. Both trade at reasonable valuations, have great earnings histories and yield.

  11. ilsm says:


    Rumors of a distant “arms race”. The arms race in East Asia: the US’ allies spend around 1% total of their GDP’s for all war costs. The Chinese threat is inflated by the folks selling you the stocks.

    The “arms race” in East Asia is for fleecing the US.

    I have never owned a military industry congress complex (MICC) equity position.

    As a federal employee, I have managed them, and have seen they are on “welfare”. Their returns are fine, because their single customer wants them to remain “healthy”, there being no competition “healthy” is damaging to the lublic good.

    Lots of federal resources with miniscule deliveries.