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10 Monday AM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On February 4, 2013 @ 9:50 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Good Monday morning! Here are some expertly curated reads to start your week:

• The Market’s Blowout Woos Investors From Sidelines (WSJ [1]) but see Fun Fades at Investing Clubs (Yahoo Finance [2])
• Recent Research Supporting the Value of Technical Analysis (Phil Pearlman [3])
• Morningstar Star Ratings: Do They or Don’t They Predict? (Fiduciary News [4])
• Ray Dalio Schools You on the Great Rotation Debate (The Reformed Broker [5]) see also Is this a good time to buy stocks? (Econbrowser [6])
• Great, and not so great, inflation expectations in Japan (FT Alphaville [7])
• Why Capitalism? (Slate [8]) see also Is capitalism ignoring the writing on the wall? (Diane Francis [9])
• Amazon, Apple, and the beauty of low margins (Remains of the Day [10]) see also A crazier prediction: iPhone Plus is real, and huge (Macro.org [11])
• Why Microsoft’s Office 2013 Subscription Model Will Flop (PC Mag [12])
• Super Bowl Ads (USA Today [13])
• Drone Home (TIME [14])

What are you reading?


The Market’s Blowout Woos Investors From Sidelines
Source: WSJ [16]

• Morningstar Star Ratings: Do They or Don’t They Predict? (Fiduciary News [4])

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