My afternoon train reads:

• Bridgewater Bets on Stocks as Cash Moves Into Market (Bloomberg)
• Losses mounting in bank bailouts (MarketWatch)
• How Overpriced Were Stocks in 1929? (Crossing Wall Street) see also This is not 1994 (FT Alphaville)
Bartlett: The Growing Corporate Cash Hoard (Economix)
• Trash Talk Haunts Barclays Traders in Manipulation Probe (Bloomberg)
• Miami Dolphins’ $400 Million SunLife Stadium Renovation Subsidy to Go Before Voters (World Property Channel)
• Mr. Market’s Abnormal Relations: An Update (The Capital Spectator)
• Fixing Medicare: Start By Eliminating Drug Makers’ Sweetheart Deal, Not Benefits (Wendell Potter)
• Storm psychology: Why do some people stay behind? (NBCNews) see also National Hurricane Center Report On Sandy (Talking Points Memo)
• How to Deflect Killer Asteroids With Spray Paint (Wired)

What are you reading?


Q4 Earnings Outpacing Estimates

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15 Responses to “10 Tuesday PM Reads”

  1. Lyle says:

    I am amazed in at least one sense about how obvilious to how email can be used people are: They must think email is like regular mail, allthough historically regular mail often got leaked and led to bad results as well. Clearly Barclays needs to put an education program (as indeed does all business) telling folks the following message don’t put it in email unless you would not mind it appearing on the front page of your favorite newspaper (Ny Times, Wall Street Journal, …). A lot of the emails sound like transplanted locker room talk, showing as noted in the title how juvenile the senders were. (Just like the folks at Enron, where converstations were actually taped as well, I wonder if tapes exist at Barclays, tapes have gotten lots of folks in trouble from Nixon on down.)

  2. BuffaloBob says:

    In one of the most craven and corrupt acts in recent US history, in 2004, Billy Tauzin, (R) Louisiana, Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, who has jurisdiction over the drug industry spearheaded a Medicare prescription Drug bill drafted by drug industry lobbyists, hustled through and passed in the middle of the night…with this brazen provision:


    Immediately after this graft was passes, Tauzin resigned Congress to become chief lobbyist for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    Aint this a great country?

  3. hue says:

    “Heart Attack Grill” regular dies of heart attack

    Leave every child behind high school teacher warns college professors of what to expect, students learned to pass mandated tests, but not much else

  4. thomas hudson says:

    happy darwin day, and happy lincoln day as well (they were born on the same day, 2/12/1809).

  5. James Cameron says:

    > Q4 Earnings Outpacing Estimates

    The extent to which earnings were under-estimated is striking. Re: Bridgewater’s bets, only a year ago – it’s almost hard to recall – the outlook by many pundits and in the media was dramatically different.

  6. farmera1 says:

    Bombshell Healthcare Data Could Change Everything You Assume About The Coming National Debt Crisis

    “In figures released last week, the Congressional Budget Office said it had erased hundreds of billions of dollars in projected spending on Medicare and Medicaid. The budget office now projects that spending on those two programs in 2020 will be about $200 billion, or 15 percent, less than it projected three years ago. New data also show overall health care spending growth continuing at the lowest rate in decades for a fourth consecutive year.”

  7. farmera1 says:


    Yes, the US government in all of our infinite wisdom can not negotiate with the Pharma companies. This is also known as a license to steal. This is the primary reason medications in Canada are usually a lot less than the same medication costs in the US, and the medications are often made in the US. In Canada the government negotiates with pharma companies. In the US companies charge what ever will make the most bonus points for upper management.

    PS: The VA does negotiate with the Pharma companies.

    What a country

  8. willid3 says:

    where do some facts come from?

    especially that 37% in spending growth when looking at reality, is more like 12%

  9. catman says:

    Bridgewater is really talking their book these days – and it’s a big one. In light of what a tightly run ship it is I wonder what’s going on.

  10. willid3 says:

    sales taxes bu states

    some supposedly low tax states….aren’t as low as some would like you to believe

  11. Pantmaker says:

    Bridgewater talking about cash moving into the markets…they forgot to mention the magical rainbows, unicorns and leprechauns.

  12. VennData says:

    Missouri bill redefines science, gives equal time to Intelligent Design

    You keep on supporting the GOP so you can get your tax rate down a couple of percentage points. Yeah you’re a real patriot to bring these guys into power. Go America. Redefine Science.

    I support the other guys, thanks.