Note: This is posted here sarcastically . . . Mozilo turned out to be utterly, embarrassingly wrong . . .



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4 Responses to “Angelo Mozila: From Cliché to Mission”

  1. pauldoesntknow says:

    Thank you for this unsettling piece of history. I did not read the whole thing, but this quote caught my eye:

    ” …we must work together– politicians, lenders, and community groups alike –to encourage preemptive Federal legislation that clearly defines predatory lending by addressing the real, rather than the imagined abuses.”

    I guess no one listened to Mr. Mozilo until it was too late.


    BR: You do understand that this entire thing is posted as sarcasm, and that Mozilo was completely utterly, totally wrong? I better clarify that above . . .

  2. pauldoesntknow says:

    Well understood!

  3. pauldoesntknow says:

    To be clear – I was also being completely sarcastic in my response. I would be happy to modify it since it didn’t appear to come across that way…

  4. The Window Washer says:


    “rather than the imagined abuses.”

    I’m imagining my congress critter with a prefered rate.