My morning reads:

• How to Lose $3 Million in 1 Second (Scientific American) see also The Real, and Simple, Equation That Killed Wall Street (Scientific American)
Fourth Down? We’re Going for It! How advanced statistics could transform the NFL (New Republic)
• Critical Warning No. 7: Banks crash economy again (MarketWatch) but see Dow 20,000 May Be ’4 Years Away:’ JPMorgan (Yahoo Finance)
• Cannabis Farming Has Kentucky Republicans Seeing Economic Boost (Bloomberg)
LOL Headline: Banks’ Risk Measurements Rarely Off By Much More Than A Factor Of Ten (Dealbreaker) see also ‘London Whale’ Sounded an Alarm on Risky Bets (WSJ)
• Lunch with the FT: Robert B Silvers (
• The Real Reason for the Decline of American Unions (Echoes)
• There’s More to Life Than Being Happy (The Atlantic)
• Why the GDP Drop is No Big Deal (The Daily Beast) but see The Idiocy of Sequestration (Slate)
• Doubt Is Cast on Firms Hired to Help Banks (DealBook)

What are you reading?


Early Payouts of Dividends, Bonuses Spur a Windfall

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16 Responses to “10 Friday AM Reads”

  1. Oral Hazard says:

    This is pretty cool:

    3D printed moon building designs revealed

  2. AHodge says:

    The real deal on Boeing batteries exploding?
    who knows
    but this I get from an engineering guy selling nanotube and other tech materials to aviation
    After drinks at a bar in Naples
    1 lithium batteries can explode “easily”– re the laptops and cellphones
    2 there are multiple systems in place in aircraft to not overload and switch to backup
    3 there are maybe 140 batteries in a Boeing, big up to say 400 cubic feet total, and at least 40 are backup

    4 the overload switchers failed, they didn’t work and switch to backup—tentative govt findings
    5 Raytheon and Northrup Grumman make these overload switchers battery sensors etc. But they make them to builder specs for both Boeing and Airbus. The Airbus batteries and systems aren’t catching fire, much anyway. He went partizan on me here and claimed Boeing was much more advanced hi tech, while Europe stodgy and arrogant. And somehow Boeing was not responsible.

    6 Also, astonishing to me, but believable, he says that batteries supply at least 30% of the Boeing engine turning power in level flight!! A fuel saver, much cheaper to recharge the batteries. Clearly a potential overload factor.

  3. VennData says:

    “…For all of last year, the economy added an average of 181,000 jobs a month, according to updated figures, better than the 153,000 pace originally reported. Underscoring that improvement, December’s payroll figures were revised to a gain of 196,000 from an initially reported 155,000, while November increased to 247,000 from 161,000…”

    “SEE!? I told you those numbers were off last year!”

    – Jack Welch

  4. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    Unseen, all-out cyber war on the U.S. has begun

    Security pros and government officials warn of a possible cyber 9/11 involving banks, utilities, other companies, or the Internet

  5. bishopesq says:

    This is fun. The history Joe Namath’s upper east side bachelor pads:

  6. VennData says:

    When to Intentionally Allow a Touchdown

    “…The Field Goal Choke Hold situation looks like this: The defense has a lead of 1 or 2 points with less than 3 minutes to play. The opposing offense has just converted a first down inside FG (attempt) range. Through week 13 this season there have been 12 games that qualify, which makes this situation about as common as overtime. (There were 12 more games with similar circumstances except the game was tied, a situation nearly identical but that requires some slightly different math…)”

    I’ll tell you when. When I’ve got the over that’s when.

  7. eliz says:

    @ Bob_is_still_unemployed: Thanks for that link. I suspect a significant cyber war event may be the next black swan.

  8. willid3 says:

    i saw that Airbus is watching closely the 787 situation as their new a350 uses the same technology. thought they are far enough behind to be able to change to what ever is found.

  9. mad97123 says:

    Business Insider – Tue, Jun 5, 2012 10:21 AM EDT

    The S&P 500 could fall as much as 30 percent over the next three years to 850, according to Barry Ritholtz, market commentator and CEO/director for equity research for Fusion IQ

    “We have no idea if its 20 percent, 30 percent, 35 percent, again playing the odds its not going to be as bad as ’08-’09 but its not unthinkable that you get a recession in 2013 / 2014 that causes a 30 percent move. 30 percent off of 1,250 is about 850.”

    How things change…..QE to infinity and beyond.

  10. JohnnyVee says:

    “Fourth Down?” How statistics can or is changing football is great talk on the AM radio, but lets face it, defensive stategy is based on the offenses tendancies and vis versa. Once tendancies change, the offense or defense strategy changes. Thats why the game is about misdirection and, at an individual level imposing one’s will on another. For example, having a running QB almost always has good success, because it is not as common as College ball, until the pro QB takes a good hit–and then the QB’s running amd passing doesn’t work. In football, you get hit and once that happens, the game changes–its changes on every down. Isn’t there a fighter’s quote that goes something like this, “Everyone has a strategy until I hit them in the mouth.” I can’t wait to see Superbowl XLVII.

  11. Pantmaker says:

    That Early Payday Chart is such Republican propaganda… trying to make this market ramp look like some sort of transitory greater fool ramp job when it’s obviously honest to goodness economic progress. I wish they would just give it a rest.

  12. CSF says:

    “…batteries supply at least 30% of the Boeing engine turning power in level flight!!”

    AHodge, if this is an accurate quote, discount everything that guy said. He’s clueless.

  13. willid3 says:

    austerians still looking for their shinning example? it used to be Ireland. except for that 14% unemployment rate.
    next up was the UK. but that has that triple dip recession going. Then it was Latvia. except that it has that 14% unemployment, and its only that low because a lot of Latvians left the country looking for work. the newest shinning country is Iceland. but they did have a few , shall we call them, unusual policy choices that they dont like . but I am sure they will keep looking for that shinning example of austerity working and leading to the promised land.

  14. from..
    • Cannabis Farming Has Kentucky Republicans Seeing Economic Boost (Bloomberg)

    “…Hemp has been a source of oilseed and fiber for centuries, according to the congressional report. It was grown in the U.S. from the colonial period until the mid-1800s, when cotton became more competitive as a clothing fabric…”

    right, other than the USDA pleading with Farmers to grow Hemp ‘for the War Effort’, in the 20thC. ..

    We, really, don’t need clean Ground Water, as much as ‘Big Chem’ needs Profits, right?

    “…U.S. retail sales of products with imported hemp were more than $452 million in 2011, according to an estimate by the Hemp Industries Association, based in Summerland, California.

    All One God Faith Inc., a closely held company in Escondido, California, that markets Dr. Bronner’s soaps, is considering expanding to Kentucky if hemp is grown there, said David Bronner, the company’s chief executive officer. The soaps contain hemp…”
    Sure, it’s not even a 1/2 Billion ‘Dollars’..Hello, if you’re Importing it, it’s going to go to ‘High Value-added’ Goods..

    also, nice choice of Bronner, and their Holding Company(Name)..”Don’t worry that your Government’s Regulations are Impoverishing you, it’s, really!, just for Freaks..”
    “…An application for a DEA hemp permit is identical to asking for permission to grow pot.

    Representative David Monson, a Republican in the North Dakota House and a wheat farmer, is among those who have unsuccessfully sought permission.

    In 1999, Monson watched hemp growing across the Canada border, at a time when a disease was ruining wheat and barley. Rotating those crops with fast-growing, disease-resistant hemp was a way to fight the blight, Monson said in an interview.

    North Dakota created a hemp farm licensing program. Two farmers applied, including Monson. Both got state permits and applied unsuccessfully to the DEA. The application process included a criminal background check and a questionnaire that asked questions like “Where are you going to sell this drug?” and “Will you have a 12-foot high chain link fence with guards and razor wire?”…”

    Hemp, inside of 12 months, could be a multi-Billion U$D Industry, and, then, keep Growing..

    at least, those BBerg ‘writers’ sign their Name to their Work..

    too bad, that didn’t do/can’t publish any Research/Facts..

    To contact the reporter on this story: Margaret Newkirk in Atlanta at

    To contact the editor responsible for this story: Stephen Merelman at

  15. willid3 says:

    SS isn’t really in trouble as much as we are told. in fact fixing some of it isnt that hard, and doesnt require cutting it so that grand ma and grand pa, are driven back to cat food. but dome need to do it because they just dont like helping them, and others want to make more money forcing more to gamble on the wall street casino. but you would we would have learned by now, after what we just went through, which looks a lot like what happened 80 or so years ago. but they do say we dont learn from history. and that it rhymes if it doesnt repeat