Earlier today, my boy Josh Brown tweeted this:



That caused a huge commotion as #GeithnerBookTitles took off on Twitter. But the microblogging site is less than idea for these sorts of ventures.

Instead, querying readers in this environment has worked really well (See this for an example with the winning answers here). So, I open up the floor to the assembled multitudes — what should Timmeh title his book?

Here are a few ideas to start the creative juices flowing:

Saving Private Giants
Tuesdays with Paulson
The Dukes of Moral Hazzard (co-written with Larry Summers)
Crime and No Punishment
The World According to TARP
Atlas Bugged
A Tale of Two Citis
Chicken Soup for the Captured Regulator
Optimus Subprime, The Financial Transformer.
Portrait of the Banker as a Young Bureaucrat
Currency debasement for dummies
Days of Plunder
Fear And Loathing At The Federal Reserve
It Takes a Pillage
Where the Subprime Things Are
What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Bailout
‘Find it! Falsify it! Foreclose it!: Make Millions in Real Estate One House At A Time

Any other ideas for Tim Geithner? He can certainly use your help in finding a book title . . .


AP: Timothy Geithner planning book

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