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3 Responses to “Most Lucrative Industries”

  1. Frilton Miedman says:

    “click for larger graphic” = “Not Found” “Sorry, nothing was found here.”

    One excellent way to gauge which industries may do well is, calculate the highest bidder for the winning political party, place your bets.

  2. constantnormal says:

    um … the link to Column Five also 404′s …

    And aside from that, I have a little difficulty with software publishing anchoring this list … would not Microsoft, Apple, Google be in that category? I see no others that they would remotely fit into, and here are some recent AFTER-TAX margins for these companies: MSFT 29.7%, Google 21.8%, Apple 24%


    And Reuters shows the 5-year average pre-tax margins for whatever industry and sectors that Microsoft is in (if that isn’t software publishing, whatever it is ought to be in this list) at 23.4% and 19.2%, both well above the highest industries listed here. And those numbers are for the “industry” and “sector” groupings, those for Microsoft are higher.

    I suppose if you averaged the industry on an unweighted basis, with a million kids all over the world turning out iPad apps that they are selling for 99 cents, these big revenue producers would wash away, but such an average is pretty meaningless …

    Actually, the rankings seem pretty logical to me, but the pre-tax margins strike me as ridiculously low … and cause me to be more skeptical than I might otherwise be …