Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer on Whistleblowers and Prosecuting

Published on Jan 29, 2013

Lanny Breuer appearing on the PBS production of The Untouchables

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4 Responses to “Parody: AG Lanny Breuer on Prosecuting Whistleblowers”

  1. alnval says:

    This needs to go viral!

  2. bonderman says:

    Very funny…but its probably what he’s thinking.

    A few more of these and at least we can say we got a laugh out of the whole fiasco that continues to be TBTF.

  3. If I could wave a magic wand.

    The SEC, FBI security fraud and other fed. agencies quit and surrender their budgets to the New York State Attorney General’s office. Police power. Judicial power. 300 case investigators. 300 forensic accountants.Special big bank units. Would take special delight in removing criminals during work hours in hand cuffs and leg irons and then the fun begins. The best research attorneys money can buy and my favorite, a cattle ranch load of the smartest, vindictive, outraged, junkyard dog litigators in the U.S. If you’ve got the courtroom talent, this is where you want to be, this would be the show that could launch a career to the moon, much like a recent Duke grad joining his dad at Goldman.

    Maybe it wouldn’t bother me so much if I knew I wouldn’t go to federal prison for embezzling $2,500 from the corner Bank of America.

  4. Ralph Braseth of Chicago is OneMississippi.