Americans want Congress to delay steep spending cuts to give the economic recovery more time to take hold, according to a Bloomberg News poll. Peter Cook reports on the poll’s results and the effects of sequestration on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.” Cook also previews his interview with Virginia Senator Tim Kaine on this weekend’s “Capitol Gains.”

Source: Bloomberg, Feb. 22 2013

Category: Taxes and Policy, Video, War/Defense

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3 Responses to “Poll: Americans Back Spending-Cut Delay”

  1. ilsm says:

    Pollster bias:

    I do not want steep cuts, but I want the cuts to the war machine steeper.

    Who would ask if they preferred the sequester to reinstating the payroll tax reduction?

  2. rwboomtown says:

    Of course they do. About as obvious a poll result as you will find. Most boomers and old are hoping the can kicking will last long enough for them to not have to sacrifice. When the young or coming generations figure out how bad they got screwed with all this debt Greece will look like a pic nic.

  3. rd says:

    Most Americans don’t vote in primaries. Therefore, their opinions don’t matter.