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3 Responses to “Ritholtz: Dell Going Private, Thanks For Nothing!”

  1. chartist says:

    In the history of business, maybe noone has timed a market better than Mikey Dell when he started building his “IBM clones”. He absolutely caught the steep part of the adoption S curve in all its glory. But I fear he’s confusing luck with brains with this move.

  2. Greg0658 says:

    not gonna drudge up Buzzmachine opinions of days gone by -
    I’m gonna ask what folks think on this going private slant .. say it this way:
    “whats in it for me & the company to buy this machine sys ? there’s no stock market pop/kickback”

  3. If Dell, really, wants to ‘make a Horserace out of it’, He’d flare his lips back and Manufacture RISC Boxes, here, in the U.S. ..


    (a look the Future?) “…For example, Sun developed the SPARC RISC chip and architecture for its own computer workstations, while notable RISC processors from established chip producers include Intel’s i860 graphics processor and AMD’s 29000, which has mainly been used as a graphics accelerator or in printers. However, both Sun’s and MIPS’ efforts were based on earlier research efforts at Stanford and Berkeley universities respectively, while Acorn’s project was effectively begun from scratch, although reports on the Berkeley and Stanford research were read by the Acorn team and were part of the inspiration behind designing a RISC processor.

    One of the reasons the ARM was designed as a small-scale processor was that the resources to design it were not sufficient to allow the creation of a large and complex device. While this is now presented as (and genuinely is) a technical plus for the ARM processor core, it began as a necessity for a processor designed by a team of talented but inexperienced designers (outside of university projects, most team members were programmers and board-level circuit designers) using new tools, some of which were far from state-of-the-art. With these restrictions on design and testing, it is hardly a surprise that a small device was developed…”

    LSS: Dell could, “on these Shores”, Manufacture the ‘Boxes’ (see List from above), levering SUNW’s SPARC (RISC) experience, to go End-to-End — giving CSCO, at the min., something to think about..and, Compete against “Microsoft, Huawei Mount African Smartphone Expedition”

    (yes, I kno MSFT is fronting Dell U$D 2 Bn. in the ‘Deal’..)