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4 Responses to “Schieffer Rant: Washington Underestimates Its Own Ineptitude”

  1. ilsm says:

    Draconian/sequestrian: 90/1500. In war machine 48/530.

    With too much ‘fluff’ in the denominators.

    Doom and gloom. The dreaded furloughs with TSA lines are to keep the F-35 debacle green.

  2. Rant: Speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way.

    This was a well thought out commentary. Thanks for sharing. However, it was not a rant.

  3. Jojo says:

    I’ve always wondered that with Congress made up of so many fairly wealthy people, many of whom do not really need to work at all, why there aren’t members going nuclear on the ineptitude of the Congress?

    Why isn’t anyone pulling a Khrushchev and banging their shoe on the table? Everyone in Congress seems so dammed docile. Do they spike the water with Lithium there?

  4. jbegan says:

    Re: Jojo’s comment.

    I’ve noticed a growing disconnect between Congress (and the Presidency) and the citizenry. The fact the populace is very unhappy with our ongoing war efforts, the Republican ‘desire’ to end Social Security and Medicare irrespective of the feelings of the voters, passage of intrusive spying and the atrocious and misnamed “Patriot Act”… The list is endless. Meanwhile, aside from occasional press releases and off the cuff comments, Congress tries to pretend it’s playing nice. Clearly, we know that isn’t the case and very clearly, Congress no longer even tries to represent the will of the people. It seems to have devolved into a very complex con game, where we are left to fend for ourselves as bigger players (the Koch Borthers, The Chmber of Commerce and Karl Rove’s PACS) manipulate our Country while we are cautioned that ‘we got the government we voted for’. There doesn’t seem to be a fix. Those that bang their shoes on the table are ignored.. People like Alan Grayson, Bernie Saunders and Kucinich are marginalized by by the remainder of Congress and our media.