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2 Responses to “Striking it Richer: Evolution of Top Incomes in USA”

  1. Frilton Miedman says:

    Made the mistake of reading “Mish” this morning, his headline got my attention – he actually acknowledged accelerating disparity since the recession.

    Second mistake, taking a sip of coffee as I read his conclusion, to keep taxes low on the wealthy, keep minimum wage low, and eliminate the Fed.

    Does anyone know how to get coffee stains out?

  2. JohnathanStein says:


    Have had good luck on stains with Hoover Platinum Professional Strength detergent (carpets), OxyClean, and Citrus Advanage (no “T”), in that order — the Hoover product does a fantastic job, even on blood stains!

    Mish’s outlook rarely varies. He raises good points, but his responses are always along the party lines of “Austrian” economics, rather than pragmatic. I suspect in his economic work, he has never had a superior or client call him on the carpet for sillyness.

    There is no known cure for I.R.S. (Ideological Response Syndrome)…