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10 Sunday AM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On February 3, 2013 @ 8:00 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Some reading to start off your Superbowl Sunday:

• Why football is still a money machine (CNN/Money [1]) see also ANOTHER SOCIALIST SUCKLING AT TEAT OF GOVT: Subsidies for Saints Owner Open New Orleans to Super Bowl (Bloomberg [2])
Bill Gross: Credit Supernova! (PIMCO [3])
• You can’t have it both ways. (The Reformed Broker [4]) see also Don’t start by assuming stupidity (Offsetting Behaviour [5])
• Are jobless recoveries the Fed’s fault? (Noahpinion [6])
• 7 Super Bowl Investing Lessons (Above the Market [7]) see also Power Shifts to The Players (WSJ [8])
• Are Apple analysts Stupid or lazy? (Fortune [9])
• Behind January Unemployment Data, a Hidden Boom for 2012 (Daily Beast [10]) see also Obama’s Jobs Record Looks Better (Real Time Economics [11])
• Schneier on Security (Bruce Schneier [12])
• High-Risk Primaries Could Cost Republicans in 2014 (FiveThirtyEight [13]) see also How Republican Governors Are Pretending to Cut Taxes (Bloomberg [14])
• Columbia Shuttle Crew Not Told of Possible Problem With Reentry (abc News [15])

Whatcha doing for the big game?


The NFL is a Money Machine
Source: CNN/Money [1]

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