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10 Thursday PM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On February 28, 2013 @ 4:30 pm In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My afternoon train reading:

• Would new Dow record set a bear market trap? (MarketWatch [1])
• The Rise of Finance (Ecan Soltas [2]) see also Hidden profits, hidden rents (interfluidity [3])
• Personal finance media should be boring (Abnormal Returns [4])
Eisinger: A Revolving Door in Washington With Spin, but Less Visibility (DealBook [5])
• Keeping New York gasoline prices pumped (FT Alphaville [6])
Simon Johnson: Bernanke’s Credibility on ‘Too Big to Fail’ (Economix [7])
• Blueprint for an artificial brain (Terra Daily [8]) see also Unleash Your Inner Jedi (MYO [9])
• Why Microsoft’s pushing Office subscriptions (PC World [10]) see also Samsung takes a page from Apple’s Passbook with new Wallet app (The Verge [11])
• Document shows how much data cops suck up from suspects’ cell phones (arstechnica [12])
• The future of the bookstore: A real cliffhanger (Economist [13])What are you reading?

Whatchu talking ’bout Willis?



Sluggish economy may signal correction
Soure: CNNMoney [15]

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