More looks from various decades of the the top 10 S&P500 caps.


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6 Responses to “History Of The S&P 500′s Biggest Components”

  1. Ted Kavadas says:

    very interesting…

    I find GE’s ascent – and valuation in 2000 – to be most notable…

  2. hammerandtong2001 says:

    My, how times have changed.

    MO was one of the top performing stocks of the 1970′s and 19080′s and ranked 5 on S&P in 1990.

    Bye, bye Marlboro.

  3. says:

    FYI, AT&T of 1980, 1990 is not the same AT&T of 2012.

    AT&T of today is former SBC.

  4. Jack says:

    @quadrillion: you nailed it. It’s Texas Tel now and they’re very proud of the takeover.

  5. JimRino says:

    Where as Exxon Can’t Find Oil, GE can Manufacture Energy with Wind Farms and Solar.
    With Solar NOW cheaper then all other energy sources.


    how many of those ‘Companies’ owe their position to their ability to curry favor with the, various, Governments of the Lands they do business in?

    sounds Evian, right?

    so do those heard Squawking about the “Un-/De-Regulated Free Market”..