Epic 34% spike in the VIX Monday.

The 1oth largest daily percent increase since 1990 and biggest since August 2011, which, at the time was in the midst of a nasty correction/mini bear market.   The S&P500 is only off just under 3 percent from its recent highs made last week.

The following table show the post S&P500 returns after large VIX spikes.

Upshot?  Patience.




(click here if table is not observable)

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3 Responses to “VIX Spikes and the S&P500”

  1. Iamthe50percent says:

    I’ll try to be patient as I know that you know what you are talking about. After this storm, I will change my 401K mix from 100% stocks to 75% although I am convinced that the bond trend has to be down and for probably the rest of my life (13 to 20 years). I apologize for my despair yesterday.

  2. WolfStreet says:

    The long-term trend is up. It just happens that the S&P500 reached the upper line of its ascending channel, which makes for a short-term correction. It just needs to reach its lower line, maybe somewhere around 1430, before resuming its move upward.

    In short : no panic here.(yet!)

  3. paststat says:

    Yesterday was the fifth largest VIX spike and during the prev 20 large VIX spikes VIX has fallen 75% (15/25) of the times next day , with the average fall standing at -6.06% , while S&P 500 Index has risen 70% ( 14/20) of the times the next day, with the average gain standing at 9.2 points or 0.8% , for more details http://paststat.com/blog/20-largest-vix-spikes-and-next-day-vix-and-sp-500-index-returns/