Some longer form weekend reads for your Saturday morning pleasure:

• Is TARP disappearing from Washington’s memory? (Pruning Shears)
Steve Randy Waldman: The Risk Ownership Society (Dissent)
• The sports-industrial complex is bleeding America dry (Salon)
• And Now Let Us Praise, and Consider the Absurd Luck of, Famous Men (The Atlantic)
• Capital Markets Party Like It’s 1989 (Barron’s) see also Shades of ’80s for Japan’s Stocks (WSJ)
• 12 Questions For Kirk (The Kirk Report)
• Interdealer Brokers Emerge as Key Enablers in Libor Scandal (Bloomberg) see also The Things Traders Say, R.B.S. Edition (DealBook)
• How to Paint a Battle and Think About War (Los Angeles Review of Books)
• Things Apple Has Not Yet Done (CounterNotions)
• “WE MUST BE FUNNY!!!!!!” (The New Criterion)

Whats for brunch?


Triple AAA all the way!

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12 Responses to “10 Weekend Reads”

  1. JimRino says:

    Canada Housing Industry: Building Better Homes resistant to power outages.
    [ Southern Exposure ]

    If this catches on, US Home Builders will be Wiped Out,
    for building cheap stupid homes.

  2. JimRino says:

    Here’s the link to the company.

  3. call me ahab says:

    god forbid you are an American citizen w/ an Muslim sounding name- given enough time, I’m sure your friends in the government will come after the Smiths and John Does of the world- due process? Silly boy . . .

    courtesy of the The Atlantic: (you know . . .that libertarian/right wing rag)

  4. call me ahab says:

    “If this catches on, US Home Builders will be Wiped Out,
    for building cheap stupid homes.

    having been in the home building business for a decade- your observation is correct

  5. DeDude says:

    Is it time yet for that 95% federal tax on any, direct or indirect, tax brake or subsidy, that corporations and sports teams extort out of governments?

  6. VennData says:

    Push to Expand U.S. ‘Kill List’

    No. Let’s have Darrell Issa do an investigation first. We must find out if any Administration officials covered anything up first.

  7. hue says:

    My Name is Jehovah, and I’ll be Take Care of You Tonight Today’s Special is
    Bread and Fish

  8. “…The DHS, which secures the nation’s border, in 2009 announced that it would conduct a “Civil Liberties Impact Assessment” of its suspicionless search-and-seizure policy pertaining to electronic devices “within 120 days.” More than three years later, the DHS office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties published a two-page executive summary of its findings.

    “We also conclude that imposing a requirement that officers have reasonable suspicion in order to conduct a border search of an electronic device would be operationally harmful without concomitant civil rights/civil liberties benefits,” the executive summary said.

    The memo highlights the friction between today’s reality that electronic devices have become virtual extensions of ourselves housing everything from e-mail to instant-message chats to photos and our papers and effects — juxtaposed against the government’s stated quest for national security.

    The President George W. Bush administration first announced the suspicionless, electronics search rules in 2008. The President Barack Obama administration followed up with virtually the same rules a year later. Between 2008 and 2010, 6,500 persons had their electronic devices searched along the U.S. border, according to DHS data.

    According to legal precedent, the Fourth Amendment — the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures — does not apply along the border. By the way, the government contends the Fourth-Amendment-Free Zone stretches 100 miles inland from the nation’s actual border…”

    Good thing we’ve been hearing so much about ‘the Weather’, one might forget that, in the Winter, it Snows..

  9. VennData says:

    Congressional High Priest Concocts Farm Subsidy Bill In Legislative Cauldron

    “…The 143-year-old member of the cryptic Fhae’oqul Order then reportedly watched as freshman senators performed the mournful Dance of Death for Tobacco Subsidies, their bodies contorting to a primal beating of drums as they were showered in the entrails of the lawmakers whose seats they won in the 2012 election…”,31229/

  10. petessake says:

    yes, anyone who builds or pays a standard US builder for a new house is foolishly investing in 19th or 20th century technology. It’s no surprise that Southern Exposure bought their windows from Europe since one is unable find quality windows in the US.
    Remember that Frankfurt, GE is on the 50th parallel – think Winnipeg; so there is no excuse why these houses and these construction standards should not be mainstream in the US where there is a heating season. (they have a US affiliate yet the information is better on the German site)

  11. willid3 says:

    the importance of Excel to the TBTF banksters?