My morning reads:

• How to Fix the Cyprus Bank Disaster in 3 Steps (The Atlantic)
• Hong Kong Homes Face 20% Price Drop as Banks Raise Rates (Bloomberg) see also Asian Stocks Head for Largest Weekly Drop Since August (Bloomberg)
Bob McTeer: No, The Fed Has Not Been Printing Boatloads of Money (NCPA)
• 10 Rules For Disruptors In The Financial Services Industry (Forbes) see also Why You Should Consider Taking Financial Advice From a Computer (Bloomberg)
• Masked by Gibberish, the Risks Run Amok (NYT) see also Financial Reform Is Being Dismantled. (New Republic)
• When do we call it a solvency crisis? (Credit Writedowns)
• Spending Isn’t the Problem, Austerity Is (US News) see also Why Global Economies Face an Age of Deflation (Bloomberg)
• Obama’s Speech In Israel: 5 Excerpts You Should Read (NPR)
• Google’s Google problem (The Economist) see also A Sophisticated Instagram Alternative (NYT)
• Why the Rich Don’t Give to Charity (The Atlantic)

What are you reading?


Peril for Euro Zone Hangs on Small Sum

Source: WSJ

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5 Responses to “10 Friday AM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Apple, Samsung, Google announce watches!

    Over/Under in Vegas on the Microsoft first watch shipment date is August 7th 2016. They’ve got some great ideas, instead of digital times… little pointy arrows that go round and round! Roman Numerals! And you only need to wind it once a day!

  2. hue says:

    forecasting in the time of denial there’s a shockingly high chance that your friendly TV weatherman is a full-blown climate denier

    roosters crow driven by internal circadian clock. kept in constant light, roosters will still crow at daylight, study finds what happens at daylight savings time?

  3. Theravadin says:

    If we really are heading for deflation, maybe we should kill two birds with one stone… and just have the Federal Reserve write off some of the treasuries it holds – a trillion or two less gov’t debt would take a nice hunk out of the debt, free up the gov’t to engage in more productive spending, maybe devalue the dollar a bit, and reduce the burden on future generations. We’ve always been told that paying the bills by printing $ was verboten… and most of the time it is… but maybe this isn’t most of the time.

    Either that,or some of us should get into counterfieiting in a big way. The nice thing about counterfeiters is that they actually put their money to work,circulating in the economy,unlike some banks and corporations we could name…

  4. Jojo says:

    Autonomous Cars Patrol Israeli Border
    Douglas Main, Staff Writer
    March 15 2013 03:19 PM ET

    BEERSHEBA, Israel — Along Israel’s borders, a small number of automobiles patrol the area for signs of intruders. But unlike most vehicles, these cars have no drivers, and — for the most part –drive themselves.

    Introduced in 2008, about eight to 10 autonomous cars have been patrolling Israeli borders, said Hugo Guterman, a researcher at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Guterman helped develop the computer system that controls the cars, although the research was funded by Israel’s Ministry of Defense, and a company named G-NIUS produces the cars.