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6 Responses to “A Pension Deficit Disorder”

  1. rd says:

    The two last big bubbles in the US that will deflate over the next decade are related. One is the size of the large TBTF financial institutions and the second is the 1920s level of income inequality.

    As the country comes out of those bubbles, it will be beneficial to Social Security. There will be more money avaialbe to Social Security and the general account as wages go up and capital gains go down. Since the size of Social Security payments are progressive, there will be more people who will not receive as much of an excess from Social Security while it is also likely that therew ill be more people paying income taxes on Social Security as their overall income rises since their savings and interest rates would have risen. Local sales and property taxes would likely also rise.

    Meanwhile, we will have far fewer subsidies of the financial sector which will be smaller as a percentage of the economy and a more rational distribution of the countries economic resources oriented towards overall GDP growth. No Virginia, you don’t multiply Santa Claus by creating a new high fee derivative financial product.

  2. rekesk says:

    The Fix the Debt crowd leaves me basically speechless. If anybody asked me what the difference between $10 million and $9 million in my bank account was, I’d respond “who gives a shit?!” These guys are determined to get every penny that they can, like they are Pavlov’s dog or something.

  3. Mike in Nola says:

    Maddening, but not surprising. At least we are safe since we have a socialist president :)

  4. Don’t hate the player; hate the game.

  5. victor says:

    Yes, some of the $ figures are scandalous (crimes against capitalism) but you can spot some anomalies (mistakes?) such as: mighty JPM’s Jamie Damon appears as a pauper, the LinkedIn CEO has $0, $0, $0, while cursory web searches show otherwise.

  6. James Shannon says:
    ERISA was a license to steal! It has been used for the last 38 years to rob American Workers Blind!
    Anyone who has ever come up against ERISA while trying to protect Employer Sponsored and guaranteed benefits knows that to be TRUE!
    Too bad you don’t have 200,000,000 readers! You and Bill Black / Randy Wrey are not being heard!