Jim Chanos on Dell, Herbalife & Importance of Doing Your Own Work: Latest Interview

Jim Chanos on Shorting Herbalife, Dell


Doing Your Own Work

Hat tip: Market Folly

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5 Responses to “Chanos: Do Your Own Work”

  1. trail says:

    Fox commentator Juan Williams should take a look at this. He just got called out for plagiarism after farming out part of an article to one of his researchers, who lifted it straight from another publication. Evidently the researcher didn’t realize he was actually writing the article for Williams. So maybe we can say this is a universal law, not just an investing law – do your own work.

  2. quadrillion.me says:

    Chanos is a perfect example of — you don’t have to an asshole, arrogant and shout-out-loud to be a bear.

  3. Matt in HB says:

    Joe Kernan is such a worthless shitstain.

  4. Seaton says:

    Matt, you are sooooo right! He didn’t like it when I e-mailed him several years ago, told me to switch channels. Hmmm. (& I did, Bloomberg is a touch better. CNBC on one t.v., for ‘crawl/news’, with the mute button worn-out.)

  5. icantdance says:

    bump quad and matt

    …but how is desktop and laptop a dying business? is it because you can get +5 years out of a desktop without software mandating an upgrade? even if its not mandatory its comparatively painful to have an older computer, and dells are a reasonable value even given their unimpressive design.