With the bank’s assets at about 175 percent of Cyprus’ GDP and advances to customers equivalent to over 80 percent of its asset base (before reserves)  it is pretty safe to say “this isn’t your father’s bank!”  You decide.






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3 Responses to “Cyprus’ Popular (Laiki) Bank Balance Sheet”

  1. Low Budget Dave says:

    Actually, considering that US banks can just ignore any regulations they don’t like, the loan-to-deposit ratio is only a little higher than you might see here (if it weren’t for the flood of deposits pouring in). The negative reserve ratio is a little creative, but again, if I were Jamie Dimon, I would just yell at any regulator who mentions it.

  2. Hugh says:

    Equity is around 3% of total assets, not far out of line with other European banks.

    I assume Advances to Customers means Loans; from their ranking in the Balance Sheet they seem to be relatively short term.

    All in all………………I’ve seen worse.

  3. AHodge says:

    thanks been looking for stuff like this assume this the smaller Popular Bank , not Laiki?
    so we have literally no idea about those loans to customers or % needed haircut?
    guess we might find out soon via which of those goes to Bad Bank
    the depositors will have to take a hozing on all the writedowns as the central bank wont
    the only other liabilities to eat losses are “other banks” for a share of the 10 billion euros? wonder what the share is?