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4 Responses to “Digging Out from Snow”

  1. nice snaps, BR..

    Good to See that Sasquatch and Bigfoot are ‘on the Hoof’..

    (at least, you got some Snow! 1/2 the people, here, Two Rivers to the West, have been perma-’freaked’ by “Weather Forecasts”, starting last Saturday, calling for ~’Impending White Doom’..)

    but, you know, “It’s a Science”

  2. Theravadin says:

    Somebody has been having a really good time! My dog saw this picture and is jealous.

  3. Seaton says:

    Ah, yes, I remember snow. Sure hope you’ve got a neighbor/kid that’s good at clearing away the driveway. Recall I do snowshoveling, & then buying & cranking up the 24″ 8hp beast of a snowblower, only to later deal with the County’s giant dumptruck & blade coming by, slinging up a buncha “spoil” from the roadway back up onto the driveway. Trying to drive that LeSabre 31 miles to the station, etc., with ice-ruts on the roads under the snow. I’d be glad to help, but I’m so far away. Still, I appreciate all you do for the blog, keeps me sane & pondering.

  4. intlacct says:

    Jeez those are two beautiful pooches. MashaAllah.