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Source: Guardian


Fascinating and comprehensive interactive graphic from the Guardian showing most of the events associated with the ongoing crisis in Europe.


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7 Responses to “Eurozone Crisis Timeline”

  1. stonedwino says:

    Much easier on the eyes BR. I would dare say perfect re-re-design.

    On another note, I’m left wondering if the ill-advised funding of the Cyprus bailout is leading to such a lack of confidence in anything Euro bank related that it will have much broader negative, long lasting implications for the Euro zone…tick-tock…

  2. James Cameron says:

    Totally off topic – sorry! . . . but did that background change?

    BR: Yes — I took the candy colors out and muted everything else

  3. constantnormal says:

    This animated graphic reminds me of a player piano roll … perhaps some musically talented soul could assign notes to the event markers and achieve a funeral dirge for the EUu …

  4. RW says:

    Just riding through the chart by holding the navigate button up one can see the increasing cuts (scissors) followed by more bailouts, govt announcements, demonstrations, etc until it reaches its highest event density (crescendo) followed by a tapering off into relative quiet. Cyprus becomes a coda, a period or colon, rather than a harbinger of what is to come although it could be that too I suppose.

    What seems more apropos is that Europe is now locked into its “lost decade” and with considerably more strum und drang than Japan. Far greater misery too because, whatever else one may think, at least Japan knew how to make unemployment less painful.

    It seems clear we are past the initial violent reaction to the poison and now we await the real struggle.

  5. slowkarma says:

    Has anyone in an official position wondered why we’ve had the Cyprus disaster (if it turns out to be one — though it certainly will be for a lot of formerly rich Russians) when it could have been avoided if the rest of the EU had simply kicked in the remaining six billion euros? When the hurricane hit the East Coast, the Congress here had no trouble coming up with ten times that amount. Six billion or so is what JPMorgan lost to the whale…and still made a profit that year. For the lack of the six billion, people are talking about an infectious instability throughout the euro zone. Dunno…just seems sorta nuts.

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  7. Many americans still suffer their affliction of Euro-envy got when it surpassed the USD as the world’s most circulated currency in 2002. In the past 12 years the dollar has lost 40% agin most currencies. Hopes dashed as the exchange rate won’t even go back to hysteria days of 1.18. Why stuck at 1.28 when TEOTWAWKI is so near? And so on site CNBC & Bloomberg reporters egg on the anarchists, but the bank runs that never come…

    Sucks, eh!