The original was on March 15, 2001:

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9 Responses to “Financial Media Then and Now”

  1. cdub says:

    On the radio this week, I’ve noticed a distinct change in tone when they cover “financial news” — definitely celebratory and citing “rising corporate profits” for “another record.” Drawing in the retail crowd, fer sure.

  2. bart7 says:

    Interesting. What’s the call here, big selloff ahead or start of new secular Bull? That seems to be the big debate. CNBC had a 5th grader on this morning giving stock advice, what’s next shoeshine kid? Also earlier news on yahoo finance actress Mina Kunis moving from cash to stocks, it’s so easy! Color me contrarian

  3. VennData says:

    If you’re looking for media reporting some signs of the top? Look no further than:

    US Ambassador at large, Dennis Rodman.

  4. screef says:

    And there’s Mila Kunis moving money out of cash and into stocks:

    Maybe its time to move some money out of stocks and into cash.

  5. says:

    4 out of 4 comments so far all calling tops. If a majority of people are calling tops, it’s not the top.

    I’ll tell you when it is the top. When zerohedge loses half it’s readers, start getting worried. When less than 20% of the comments are hating the US recovery, the USD, bernanke, then start getting worried.

    For now, there are plenty of people still sitting on the sidelines waiting for the crash and spouting their zerohedge / Peter Schiff wisdom

  6. DiggidyDan says:

    The typesetting in that cartoon is cringe inducing.

  7. DiggidyDan says:

    Perhaps not a top yet, just getting frothy in the water. Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes. (or you could just fire and run for cover hoping to strike a mortal wound, which may be best in this circumstance).

  8. bart7 says:

    Me thinks the Bulls doth protest too much. Any mention of a possible bear case brings an often anger tainted somewhat condescending rebuttal from the bulls on many internet market discussion sites. Not that any of this anecdotal stuff means much. But Investors Intel 18% bears makes me scratch my head a bit.