Alec sits down with Brian Williams, host of NBC Nightly News — more viewers than any other news program in the country — an average of 10 million people tune in every day to watch Brian Williams and his team report on the stories of the day.

Brian tells Alec about his early years in Pittsburg, Kansas and what it was like to take over the anchor chair from Tom Brokaw.


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2 Responses to “Here’s The Thing: Brian Williams”

  1. Clif Brown says:

    I don’t understand how the network news programs survive. The Internet has opened the door to news sources permitting everyone to avoid the middleman/new anchor/newswriter/new department. One reason I like reading the Big Picture is that it comes from you, Mr. Ritholtz with nobody telling you what you can or cannot say. You can speak boldly without fear of the feelings of sponsors that, in the case of TV networks, are quite concerned about what goes out to the public.

    I worked for ABC-TV for 23 years and it was frightening to me to see the adulation of viewers for on-air talent that, in most cases, simply read copy that was put in front of them by newswriters whose primary skill was editing down any story to make it fit the time allotted for it by show producers. Now we all have a wonderful alternative, free to use and waiting for our exploration. Three cheers for technology!

  2. wesh says:

    in the UK, they are known as “news readers”. Ann Curry was a good example. She couldn’t even read the news well! So they put her in the big chair. See how long that lasted. When she did the “where in the world is matt lauer”, her “where’s matt face” was too much to take. but when you are a shill for big everything, & shallow, sometimes it comes back at ya.