Back in 2011, we showed The China Startup Report — a crash course by Bowei Gai.

He is now traveling to 29 countries to analyze the market trends, opportunities and financial resources available to entrepreneurs in each ecosystem.



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2 Responses to “India Startup Report”

  1. brainz says:

    Counter Point: This is a nice counter argument to the above article.
    The IndianStartupReport by WorldStartupReport is….Meh

  2. dina says:

    How old is the this report? This report does not make sense today. Two years ago people would have believed this story. India was growing mainly from outsourcing of software and services(tax, accounting, customer support call centers etc). Bad US economy is hurting the Indian job market. High paying jobs are going back to US. American companies don’t want to pay $30k – $50k/year for an engineer working in India. If US increases H1B visas more high paying jobs will move to US. Most of the jobs which stay in India pay about $12K/year. Real estate is expensive. Condos prices start at $100K.


    BR: Mar 19, 2013 –but figuring that out would have required ONE CLICK YOU. Is it asking to much for you lazy gits to bother doing any work yourself? Do I need to chew your food for you also?