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Painless and Easy Ways to Cut $83 Billion

Posted By Washingtons Blog On March 11, 2013 @ 6:00 am In Think Tank | Comments Disabled

Fed Spends As Much Each MONTH as Sequestration Budget Cuts Cost In a YEAR


Stopping the failed war on drugs would more than pay for the $83 billion dollars in “sequestration” budget cuts [1].

Congressman Grayson notes that we could replace the sequestration cuts by ending the Afghanistan war early [2].

We could pay for the budget cuts – and save a lot more money – by cutting down on waste and fraud [3].

And the Fed is buying $85 billion dollars – the amount of annual sequestration cuts – each [4]month [4] to carry out “quantitative easing” … a policy which benefits the super-elite but hurts the American people [5] and the economy as a whole.

Stop the Fed’s quantitative easing program, and we’ll be in much better shape.

Note: Admittedly, the Fed does get something for its money, so $85 billion is a gross -not net – figure. But it’s getting is worth a lot less than $85 billion a month.

And there are much cheaper and much more effective ways to help the economy. For example:

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