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QOTD: “Let the sequester happen”

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On March 6, 2013 @ 7:30 pm In Politics,Really, really bad calls,Taxes and Policy | Comments Disabled

Fascinating rant from Jon Talton:

“Let the sequester happen and keep it going. Ever since Ronald Reagan ran for the presidency, politicians have gotten ahead by claiming “government is the problem.” And voters accept this as they accept their Social Security checks, Medicare benefits, safe food and drugs, freeways and roads to drive on, in vehicles powered by gasoline kept artificially cheap by federal subsidies, armies and fleets, live in a Sun Belt made habitable by federal initiatives from the TVA to the SRP, survive airplane flights thanks to government air traffic control…and they think government is the problem. A people this stupid and corrupt deserves the real-life experiment of seeing whether they really are rugged individualists who don’t need no gub’ment. Bring it on.”

- Jon Talton [1], on the current U.S. budget crisis.

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