A Spanish company — Micholochon — has designed the Ultimate European bank crisis safety net. They want you to — literally — put your money in their mattresses:


My Spanish is rusty, but the video makes the why and how pretty clear:



Now! Available in Cyprus!



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10 Responses to “Safe in a Mattress: Ultimate European Safety Net”

  1. rd says:

    This product is only of value if you have money to put into it.

    The banks are working hard to ensure that the average person has no need for one of these.

  2. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Talk about a sign of the times… Aptly tagged as “psychology”…

    Why did the Communists ever try so hard to export revolution? All they had to do was cheer on unabashed capitalism til it revived a Ponzi scheme and presto! Capitalist corruption opens the door!

    All the sacrifices and service by veterans, wasted. Sad. Hell of a way to treat our friends around the world, too.

    • rwboomtown says:

      It is called crony capitalism (banks, corps and public unions feeding at the trough). Some believe we can have non corrupt system with this level of centralization, I am not one of those people. Until we decentralize power and let people have more control over their own lives we will get more fleecing from the elite, be they banksters, union bosses or politicians.

      • K Marquard says:

        Decentralization is no panacea either. Local politicians are just as corrupt if not more so than their state and national counterparts. It takes citizens who won’t tolerate crony capitalism to end it. Until there is an involved and educated citizenry with a very low tolerance for anything that even looks fishy there will always be crony capitalism and outright corruption.

  3. My Spanish is not half-bad, but I thought this was a very clever joke. So I asked my wife (una madrileña) what she thought. They’re totally serious…

  4. digistar says:

    How thoughtful. The mattress has a labelled flap that shows robbers where the safe is!

    Still, it probably still beats leaving it in the bank – if you live in a country where the professionals (the banks themselves) are likely to steal it.

  5. [...] of which means that in Cyprus, a cash-stuffed mattress is once again the ultimate safety net. — Ben [...]

  6. stonedwino says:

    Pelle Shultz said: So I asked my wife (una madrileña) what she thought. They’re totally serious…

    Y yo como otro Madrilleno te digo que es de verdad…seriamente.

    This invention may have some merit with the current state of affairs…

  7. Simon says:

    Apparently we are not yet near a real crises. It looked like Euros going into the mattress.

  8. jhweisen says:

    Quite right. The one they show in the video, the one in the mattress, is for deception. Leave a dirty sock in there for the robbers. The real one is well hidden.