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I really like this structure for thinking about the many factors that impact equities, using the Sweet Sixteen brackets as an excuse to slip in a little knowledge.

It lacks a hierarchy, and ignore psychology, and has other flaws — but its a great structure.

I’ll have to come up with on of my own eventually . . .

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6 Responses to “What Impacts Equities: The Sweet Sixteen”

  1. A Farmer says:

    Shouldn’t “Suckers” or “Rubes” be in the Market Dynamics region?

  2. A Farmer says:

    Or maybe “The Crowd” is a nicer way to say it.

  3. Chief Tomahawk says:

    I nominate this video clip to simulate the Federal Reserve vs. Europe game:

  4. Frilton Miedman says:

    On the “Economy” bracket, confidence, employment, housing & gas prices seem secondary to consumer buying power factoring consumer debt and wages.

    i.e. – You can have high consumer confidence, 3% unemployment and a rebounding housing market, but none of it matters if wages are below where they were ten years ago and consumer debt is up 25% in the same period.

    The only thing sustaining us right now are service rates on household debt as a percent of disposable income (FRED – TDSP), explains Bernake’s persistence in Fed policy and his hints against austerity.

  5. graphrix says:

    Yeah, human behavior is a pre-sweet sixteen region deserving its own bracket. And I’ll take the over on a cognitive bias making it into the elite eight… and the over on herd behavior as the ultimate bracket buster winning the championship.

  6. constantnormal says:

    This looks like something a B-school would produce … in a real-world line-up, the Fraud team ought to be a strong contender for upsets … a spin-off from the “human behavior” team …