Is Stress Killing You?


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2 Responses to “Stress is Killing You!”

  1. But does the stress on individuals over time create a better world for everyone by pushing individuals to change their behaviors to better serve others? Should it be our goal to reduce stress entirely? Are we at the point where we can unquestionably say that we have to much stress or not enough? Pressures on single individuals may be detrimental to the individual but beneficial to the group.

  2. open mind says:

    When we talk about stress we need to keep in mind that there is two kinds – distress and eustress . Stress that makes the body say no is distress . We need to listen when the body clearly shows the damage physically , mentally , spiritually or financially . Eustress is good stress . The stress that motivates and brings progress and joy . Too much eustress especially in risk taking adventures or sports can also make the body scream in pain or bring death if the parachute fails to open . Yes , stress ( distress ) does bring demise . Often slowly but surely . Often swift and ending . Often you are damned . It creeps about often unaware , only your body tells . Tells we don’t listen to . It unarms us , but the body shows .

    It fosters addictions of all sorts and sizes . Addicts are made not born . People with ADHD are made , they are not born that way . The stresses imposed upon their developing brain in the uteris and as infants impacts how their brain chemistry developes . Stressors create disfunctional families . We are products of not only disfunctional families but also products od disfunctional brain chemistry . All stress induced . Look around . Can you see the toxicity ? The addicts ? The mad ? The anger ? The unmotivated ?

    Dr. Hans Selye one of the great pioneers of medicine is famous for his revolutionary concept of stress . This is not voodoo science . It is fact ! Thank you .

    Dr. Gabor Mate emphatisizes this in his books — When The Body Says No — Scattered Minds — In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts ( on addiction ) . Thank you .

    To dismiss these findings is to do so at our peril .

    We live in a fast paced , hectic environment fostering egotistical , independent values . A stressed out culture . Toxicity is clear and center . Interdependence is a forgotten existence , a eustress of much more value .