Your Local High Speed Internet & Cable Provider gives it to you straight.

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Director: Nick Smith
Writers: Nick Smith & Brendan Rice
Cinematography: Joey Rassool
Graphics: Brendan Rice & Mikey Caro
Animations: Mikey Caro

Category: Web/Tech, Weekend

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10 Responses to “The First Honest Cable Company”

  1. postpartisandepression says:

    It may be old fashioned but ever since they started putting commercials onto cable TV I stopped buying. The nerve of someone to both charge me for a service and then make me watch commercials. Free digital TV provides me plenty of channels in a metropolitan area. Just say no.

  2. econimonium says:

    If nothing else this has given me a new hashtag to use: #cockbag

  3. Sarge says:

    Thank God for satellite service…oh wait

  4. vjrdataman says:

    BR, this had me ROFLMAO this morning. What’s sad is that having worked for companies (both cable and satellite) in this industry as an IT consultant and contractor, this video is on the money.

  5. louiswi says:

    postpartisandepression absolutely nails it!!!
    Just say NO. It is so freaking simple!!

  6. stonedwino says:

    funny, sad & true…

  7. eliz says:

    Love it!

    Unfortunately, the progression is toward more and more oligopolies. Autos. Airlines. Software. Retail (think Amazon, Walmart). And of course Banks.

    With the next big M&A, please shout “Serf is up.” Because serfdom is exactly where an oligopolistic and monopolistic economy leads.

  8. willid3 says:

    hm…this is what we call the market in the US.

    and we seem to think (or some do) that we like this too

  9. acme says:

    Postpartisan and Louis: I prefer my TV streaming, too, but you still need the cable company for your Internet!

  10. Clif Brown says:

    For us, it’s even worse. In our condo building, Comcast signed up the whole place when it was built. The monthly fee is taken in our assessment. We just moved in and there is no way to for us to opt out of the Comcast deal. We don’t have a TV, we don’t use cable, but each month we must pay $30 from now on – $360 a year.