What sort of skills do you need to work on our team of researchers, asset managers and financial planners? We look for people who are not only smart and talented, but also have diverse abilities and interests.

With so many large firms laying off so many talented people, there is a huge talent pool out there. You need to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Our entire staff all have something a little special (read “odd”) about them — something different that allows them to think outside the box. They all have various interests, backgrounds, abilities that give them a better worldview. There are disadvantages to becoming too specialized.

For example, this is what Caitlyn, my administrative assistant, does on the weekends:





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11 Responses to “The Right Skill Set”

  1. chartist says:

    I was one of the first day traders and the IRS brought me in because they were certain I was laundering money. I was legit and they found nothing. My trading was funded by my ownership of a sanitary landfill in Pennsylvania. For several years, we took in nearly all the trash from NYC. That was until diesel fuel soared to $3.50 and Michael Bloomberg sent it to South Carolina via rail.

    I worked for a financial newsletter company based in Cincinnati, the owner is fairly well known in the options market. I learned a lot about contrarian thinking working for him. I convinced them to market a trading methodology helping with the marketing and sales. I was put in charge of the trading. Results didn’t match expectations and I got invited to leave. Such is the options game. I completed my MBA going to night school at Xavier University.

    Today, I am employed in safety for a refinery. I seem particularly well suited for the position as I am a glass is half empty sort who always is on the lookout for what can go wrong. I use to play golf but now fly fish. The two activities share the trait that the playing surface is always different.

  2. Liquidity Trader says:

    Is that a young blond hottie driving the Vette ? I think we know all we need to about your hiring practices!

  3. She will kick your ass any time she wants.

    Oh, and she is an experienced marksman as well — so when she’s done kicking it, she can pop a cap in your ass as well!

  4. Robert M says:

    In assembling an organization “diverse abilities and interests” aren’t the only thing necessary to bring in new ideas. It is the ability to determine how “your team”operates. If decisions flow down hill does your hire have the intestinal fortitude to stand and push back hard at the critical time? Does the downhill decision maker have the ability to recognize the difference between a real push back by the player and player whose push back is a matter of tone? If the flow is uphill who is the gatekeeper that presents information? Does the gatekeeper have the ability to recognize substantive argument AND the ability to present it to the decision maker w/o the decision makers ego getting in the way? The latter I’ve found is more important.

  5. ironman says:

    I don’t think it’s odd at all that she tears up a track – what’s odd is that she would regularly travel to Phoenix for the Z06 experience! Don’t you have tracks closer to home?

  6. Caitlyn says:

    That’s actually in Jersey, Bondurant sponsors me and sends me Vettes :) JK

  7. K Marquard says:

    Nice topic.

    But I’m afraid my odd and different wouldn’t get me very far in the job market. Suing the state government over a tax credit law and being politically active against corporate welfare wouldn’t get me very far in many hiring situations and would probably be a black mark unless they just didn’t check me out at all.

  8. cyaker says:

    Caitlyn first picture looks like the desert.

    BR are any of your hires non college graduates? And if not would you hire a non college graduate? Given the new reality of debt burden what skill set would interest you in that regard?

    New site looks promising.

    FYI I tried making this comment on Twitter using my IPad but was not successful although I could log in.

  9. wally says:

    New ideas? I don’t have any. It’s taken me many years to finally get a grasp on the old ones.

  10. bjpcjp says:

    I’ve spent 20 years doing the blocking & tackling for a variety of high tech firms. Product management, software design, marketing. I know the semiconductor world. I can be seriously odd if the situation calls for it. Does that help?

  11. cyaker says:

    Seeing some of these posts I think I need to clarify something. I am not looking for a job and have not been doing so for a long time. Actually I am having too much fun as a retired full time RV’er . On the other hand my grandaughter is a junior in high and talking about college so I am more then curious about alternatives.