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3 Responses to “Twitter NYC”

  1. JoseOle says:

    Does this prove that midtowners are the most self-important people in NYC?

  2. Greg0658 says:

    did you hear on CNBC yesterday morning Warren Buffet claim GEICO got 46,000 requests for car maintenance from Sandy .. just wondering how that car sales number for last month was pumped by that dump
    ?140char – we dont need no stinkin counter :-) this is TBP

    before submit – wonder how HIS car manufacture stocks & big banks kickbacked too … its a wonderful world of “ring around the rosie – pocket full of posie”

  3. Greg0658 says:

    6 year in office FedGov Kevin Warsh was on that show today – talking about for 1 thing will BB stay or will he go – timeframe LaborDay’ish – as “the steward sets policy” (paraphrased)

    but thats SECOND to a blend of what the Fed Rate and QE’s worldwide are doing to the world .. I contend that we have a merge of the 4 Estates (Media is now a big manufacturer) and us 5th Estate Bloggers must stick up for common labor and the small family unit

    having said that – I have yet to figure out IF Unity of that world is best in the long run because its not nice to fool nature

    I liked the guys flavor – but we know all how puppetry works