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5 Responses to “Warren: Fed & OCC, Re-Foreclosure Review Settlement”

  1. DeDude says:

    Elizabeth Warren for president!!!!

  2. Gnatman says:

    $2 Billion for consultants to review mortgage foreclosure files, and there are no detailed reportable results.

    Could someone find the names and affiliations of these consultants, their contract payments, and the post contract grading given to them.

    The general public wants to determine if they should be debarred.

  3. Moe says:

    In the words of Janes Addiction: Nothings Shocking (although this raises the heartbeat a bit)

  4. romerjt says:

    So we have this from Sen. Warren,and Citibank being forced to redo its money laundering procedures and JP Morgan Chase facing numerous investigations, and BTW Geithner is no longer at Treasury? Maybe a coincidence?

  5. wideawake says:

    What a joke. “HONORABLE” Bernake and Curry??? And the lawmakers act like they are doing something real! If it’s not clear by now that our government is part of the whole fraud against the citizens, then we need more help than we think. The only thing that can help this country is to repeal the Federal Reserve Act and take back control of this country and if our legislators really wanted to do something, they would. The handful that care are outnumbered and even if they weren’t Obama would just pull some executive order or veto BS. People are waking up everyday to the systematic destruction of the world economy by these egomaniacs but whether it’s too late or not remains to be seen. I never in my wildest dreams thought the US would be living under tyranny. The sad thing is that the majority still don’t realize it. My only question is what are they waiting for and does the fact that they are still engaged in this sham mean that there is some hope?