Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu reports that Cornel University is building a silicon alley to boost New York City’s tech sector. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


Bloomberg March 22

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Source: Bloomberg

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2 Responses to “What NYC’s Very Own Silicon Alley Will Look Like”

  1. webmartians says:

    Having been in SiVal “there and then” (when the industry was growing; when Apple’s 1 Infinite Loop was an orchard), I can say that something is missing from SiAlley: Required Cooperation. An annecdote will explain:

    Overheard at a SiVal restaurant (we called it “The Shovel-It” .. cheap and quick Chinese food) in the early 1980s (maybe late 80s):

    “Our implanter’s toast. I don’t want to use a furnace.”
    “You can use ours if I can get some time on your new e-beam unit.”
    “OK with your ‘manglers’ [management]? It’ll be fine with mine, I know.”

    Key Points:
    - Two distinct (potentially competing) firms
    - Cooperation (huh? imagine that)
    - $1.75 for lunch ($2 if you ate there, using up a table)

  2. dwkunkel says:

    The kind of cooperation described by “webmartians” along with a vast network of top engineers is what makes Silicon Valley unique. It’s also what makes it almost impossible to replicate.