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According Knight Frank’s Wealth Report, an index of the nine main collectibles markets grew 175% over the 10 years ended in the third quarter 2012 – a far better record than U.S. stocks, whose Standard & Poor’s 500 index is up only about 40% for that period:

• Classic cars were the top-performing collectible; Car prices surged 23% the 12 months ended in the third quarter of 2012, the report said; they racked up gains of 11% over five years and 395% over 10 years.
• The number two collectible: coins with 25% — and 248% gains over 10 year.
• Stamps came in a close third, with nine 9% gains last year and 216% over 10 years.

Understand that most of these investments are non liquid, have costs that are associated with ownership, require an expertise to make investments.

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4 Responses to “What the Wealthy Collect Beyond Stocks”

  1. constantnormal says:

    Just 5 more years, and our 1998 Honda Civic will be a “classic” too … collecting classic cars the way the “little people” do …

    • b_thunder says:

      constantnormal: i’m not so sure about 98s, but 88s CRX and Si are definitely hard to find after the “fast & furious” generation destroyed just about all of them them with (often ridiculous) mods.

  2. b_thunder says:

    Coins, especially the basic silver dollars, gold eagles and various bullion coins from US, CAN, AUS, AUT, ZAF are very “liquid” – just stop by your “we buy gold” place or put ‘em on ebay!
    Just make sure they’re not tungsten-filled chinese fakes

  3. atswimtwobirds says:

    I see racehorses or sports teams don’t make the list. That’s what the real megabucks buy!