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10 Monday PM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On April 1, 2013 @ 4:30 pm In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My afternoon train reads:

• 10 things Brokers won’t say (MarketWatch [1])
• A Brief History of the ETF (money&markets [2])
• Will Wall Street Ever Learn E-Mails Are Forever? (Bloomberg [3])
Wonk alert: Seasonal adjustments post crisis moderate for U.S. economy (WSJ [4])
• What’s Dell’s Bidding Process Really About? (Clue: It’s Not About Fixing Dell) (All Things D [5])
• Same generic drug, many prices (Consumer Reports [6])
• Your Next Smartphone Screen May Be Made of Sapphire (MIT Technology Review [7])
• Password denied: when will Apple get serious about security? (The Verge [8]) see also Samsung filing confirms ‘Apple can seek even more damages [than $1.05 billion] in the new trial’ (FOSS Patents [9])
• Inside North Korea’s Environmental Collapse (PBS [10])
• On Reddit, good links rise to the top — but sometimes take a few attempts to get there (Nieman Journalism Lab [11])

What are you reading?


Major Asset Classes Q1 2013 (as of March 31 2013)
Source: Capital Spectator [13]

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