My morning reads:

• Asset Allocation & Rebalancing Review (Capital Spectator) but see Sell in May? (Humble Student of the Markets)
• Time for a Reboot For Tech on Street (WSJ)
• On the Rise: The Millennials are finally poised to start spending, which is good news for the economy and stocks. (Barron’s) but see For ‘Millennials,’ a Tide of Cynicism and a Partisan Gap (NYT)
• The Myth of America’s Tech-Talent Shortage (Atlantic)
• Bank of Japan Sends a Gift to U.S. Markets: Yield Seekers (WSJ) see also Blaming Europe’s Central Bank (NYT)
• ITS TOUGH ALL OVER: Why top bankers are struggling on million dollar salaries (efinancial careers)
• Expecting the Unexpected When It Comes to Retirement Planning (WSJ)
• Two Bears: The Bear Case on Apple (Stratechery) see also Bad Apple? (The Daily Beast)
• ‘Victory for bees’ as Europe bans neonicotinoid pesticides blamed for destroying bee population (The Independent)
I love this tale: Bad Reviews for Patron at Restaurant in Mexico (NYT)

What are you reading?


United States versus Euro Area: A Chart that shows the Difference
Source: Philippe Waechter

Category: Financial Press

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5 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. WFTA says:

    Reading about just how f*&^ing crazy we have become. Retiring to a different country is seeming more and more reasonable.

  2. VennData says:

    Fewer homeless, a Bush legacy

    Thank God for George W. Bush.​

    One of the main reasons I voted for Him and would again was because of His plans for the homelessness of this once-great nation.

    Bush will Surpass Reagan and Hoover in your hearts GOP voters!

  3. hue says:

    The Lonely Gun Researcher (Nature)
    Firearms accounted for more than 31,000 deaths in the United States in 2011. But fewer than 20 academics in the country study gun violence, and most of them are economists, criminologists or sociologists.

    Facebook loses millions of users, Guardian claims. True? (ComputerWorld)

    Bringing Home the Bacon Protection: “Make Your Meat Look Like Meat” (HuffPo)

  4. swag says:

    Murdoch’s crappers:

    Faced With Discredited Research, WSJ Doubles Down On Calls For Austerity