My afternoon train reading:

• What Happened to the Internet Productivity Miracle (The New Yorker)
• Economic Data Show That, at Last, (Many of) the Fundamentals Are Sound (The Daily Beast)
• What Jamie Dimon Won’t Tell You (Huffington Post) see also In BofA death match, MBIA wins a round at N.Y. appeals court (Thomson Reuters)
• Key Bond Index Gets Bitten (WSJ)
• A More Complicated — and More Dangerous — Fear (Institutional Imperative)
• Earliest Calculations of GDP Had Some Unexpected Results (Bloomberg)
• Corporations getting cold feet on tax reform (Politico)
• Quietly and behind the scenes, gun research and regulation has been stymied (McClatchy)
• Can We Patent Life? (New Yorker) see also The Patent Protection Racket (Joel on Software)
• No 2016 Republican Leader in Poll Showing Wide Disfavor (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?


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